Steve Kirk

Admission Director & Outreach of Evoke Therapy Programs




Steve Kirk

Admission Director & Outreach of Evoke Therapy Programs

Steve joined the admissions team at Evoke Therapy Programs in April 2006. His primary desire in joining Evoke was to be part of a process that has such a positive and powerful impact on those struggling to find their way emotionally and behaviorally and to give hope to parents, families, and young adults searching for help. Steve's own struggles as an adolescent, and now the constant endeavor of raising three kids of his own, have provided a well-rounded perspective on the parent/child dynamic and its challenges.

Education & Prior Work Experience

Steve graduated from Brigham Young University where he studied Communications and Business. Prior to joining Evoke, Steve worked in account relations and many customer service capacities in the software industry.


In his role on the admission team at Evoke, Steve works closely with families during the enrollment process and with the consulting and treating professionals that are helping to guide them through the therapeutic experience that wilderness provides. His belief in the power of the wilderness combined with his compassionate approach to working with families, often in crisis, makes for an ideal match on the admissions team. 


Steve loves to spend time with his family — traveling, going to movies, watching live sporting events, listening to music, and enjoying good food! His favorite thing to do is to watch his kids play soccer and tennis. Steve is an avid golfer and is fanatical about any sport with a ball!