Support for Families

Evoke Therapy programs offer support to families who are navigating the journey of enrolling a teen or young adult in therapy. Whether you are a parent or a sibling of a participant, our team offers resources to help ease the burden.

“I feel so taken care of—an unexpected surprise. I thought you guys just took care of our kids.” —Parent of Evoke Participant

Family Healing

When someone enrolls in an Evoke therapy program, the ripple effect is felt by the rest of their family. With resources and support systems in place, healing can occur beyond the participant.

Parents often tell us that while Evoke was wonderful for their child, it changed their lives, too. Our family program and services offer hope, peace of mind, and guidance through an emotional, life-changing journey.

Parent Services

Support for parents includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Each family is assigned a Parent Coordinator
  • Each family is offered a Parent Mentor (a previous Evoke parent) that can offer support unlike any other
  • Personalized interactive Parent Portal with assignments, letters from participant, pictures, and a group journal to keep everyone connected
  • Weekly parent phone calls with participant’s therapist
  • Twice weekly live webinar broadcast with Dr. Brad Reedy and access to extensive library archive


Included in a nature-based program enrollment is up to two parents to separately attend an Online Finding You Intensive. This two-and-a-half-day virtual program is one of the best ways a parent can support their child in treatment. The program combines psychoeducation, group therapy, and a variety of experiential activities to help parents gain the personal insight and understanding necessary to create healthy relationships at home. Parents of a child in Evoke's Nature-Based Program also have the option of applying this $1500 program credit towards the cost of an in-person Finding You.


Parent Workshops

Workshops hosted by the Evoke clinical team and co-facilitated by our field staff can offer support during your child’s experience at Evoke. With experiential activities, communication skill building, and connecting with other parents, these workshops will help you grow and develop alongside your child.

Parent Workshops

Parent Support Groups

Parent support groups provide education, parent-to-parent connection, and a safe place to exchange stories and concerns.

Parent Support Groups

Parent Portal

Access your personalized parent portal to stay connected with your child. Weekly assignments and resources are provided by your therapist and catered to your family’s individual needs.

Parent Portal


Evoke coaching can be an invaluable addition to a parents’ work. Evoke coaching is a customized weekly telehealth program designed to help individuals work through life’s challenges, increasing self-awareness and insight. Evoke Coaching is offered to nature-based program families at an additional rate.


 Family Visits to the Field

Evoke has been inviting families into the field for over 15 years. By participating with their adolescent or young adult child in the outdoor experience, families are able to address first hand some of their family dynamics, practice communication skills and create intimate and lasting memories. There are three different opportunities for family involvement in the field.

Mid-Program Visit

Parents and other family members may be invited to participate in a field visit with their participant during the program. This visit is typically aimed at practicing and implementing new tools. This visit often involves an overnight stay in the outdoors with the participant and the participant’s group. The therapist will determine the timing of this visit and parents will work with the therapist to establish additional goals and objectives.

End of Program Visits

Parents and other family members may also be invited to participate in a field visit with their adolescent or young adult at the conclusion of their program. These visits are aimed at reconnecting families in the outdoors, practicing and implementing new tools and skills, and solidifying the next steps and expectations. This visit often involves an overnight stay in the outdoors with the participant and the participant’s group. The therapist will determine the timing of this visit and parents will work with the therapist to establish additional goals and objectives.

Family Treks

Parents and other family members may also choose to participate in a Family Trek with their participant. A Family Trek is an extension of the Mid-Program and/or End of Program visit. A Family Trek is customized by the participant’s therapist, is typically 3-4 days/2-3 nights long, and comes at an added cost. During this experience, the family will spend a brief time with the participant’s group and then the participant and family will hike away with Evoke staff. On the Trek the participant’s therapist will meet with the family and guide them through intensive family therapy addressing family dynamics, relationships, and other obstacles the family may be dealing with. Evoke’s Family Trek end with greater insight, understanding, and lasting memories. Parents interested in a Family Trek should notify their participant’s therapist who will work with them to create a customized experience.


“Evoke was outstanding, not just for our son but for our whole family. From the moment our son arrived at the program, we felt we were in good hands. And while the program was very helpful for our son and his growth, the support and education we received from Evoke changed my life just as much. I will be forever grateful of the things I learned that helped me as a mother. I can also say that the principles and tools I learned have also helped me in many other areas of my life.”

“This process has made me feel closer to my son than I have felt in a long time. He seems so open and hopeful.”

“Thanks again for everything you did for our son and for our family. We have a feeling that when he looks back and counts the hero's in his life, you will be there.”

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“I’ve never had such a thoughtful, meaningful, important gift given to us where there wasn’t a fee. Thank you for making that happen!” (Regarding a Family Walkabout)

— Jojo Segal