Our Philosophy

Evoke’s Therapy Programs vision is to provide in-depth personalized healing experiences for all. Evoke’s Wilderness Therapy works with nature, reaching deep and accomplishing growth that just can’t be achieved in a therapist’s office or hospital setting. And Evoke’s shorter-term intensive programs bring participants to a better understanding of themselves, their true nature, the importance of relationships, and the value they and others bring to every situation. All of Evoke’s programs are guided by experienced therapists, using purposeful activities and experiences customized to the needs of each person, delivering a direct application to life back at home, school, or work.

Through Evoke podcasts, blogs, books, support groups, Wilderness programs, and short-term Intensives for parents, individuals and teens, you and your loved ones can achieve growth during difficult times.

Treatment Philosophy

Our mission is to provide the highest level of personalized therapeutic care with extensive individual and family support and resources.

Evoke accomplishes this mission by following our 3 Founding Principles:

1. Know your truth.

We believe it’s essential for everyone to know and understand their inner truth; their own thoughts, feelings, hopes and expectations, with no judgement of their own or another’s truth. And we believe an individual can only see, understand, and hold space for another to the extent they have come to see themselves.

2. Express your truth.

We believe understanding your truth comes with a responsibility to take ownership of it, express it, and honor your truth, which is your authentic self. We also believe it is essential to differentiate between knowing and expressing your truth vs. imposing your truth on others.

3. Heal in Relationships.

We believe we are wounded in relationships and healed in relationships1. Healing relationships can include your therapist, support groups, sponsors, mentors, or others. We believe healing is a lifelong journey.

1“We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we can be healed in relationship.” Harville Hendrix

Whole-Health Treatment

Whole-health treatment includes a participant’s emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Supporting the mind, body, and spirit connection is essential for long-term sustainable growth and transformation. Clinical research shows that diet, nutrition, exercise, and spiritual connection enhances and maintains positive psychological changes, elevates moods, and increases confidence. Visit our Clinical and Health & Wellness pages for more information on how Evoke treats the whole person.

Comprehensive Family Support

Evoke offers comprehensive support for the family during and after an individual participates in a Wilderness Therapy Program. Visit the family involvement page to learn more.

  • Parent Coordinators
  • Parent Mentors from Program Parent Alumni
  • Interactive Portal for parents of Wilderness Therapy participants
  • Weekly Parent Phone Calls
  • Twice-Weekly Webinars
  • Archive of Webinars and Podcasts
  • Parent Workshops
  • Parent-Child Phone Calls
  • Family Visits to the Field (mid-program, end of program, and family Treks)
  • Parent support groups
  • Parent and Family Intensives 
  • Coaching


The Right Environment

Evoke’s Wilderness Therapy Programs utilizes the wilderness environment to remove everyday life distractions and emphasize the individual’s strengths and potential.

The immediacy and clarity by which nature delivers action-consequence lessons provide our participants with non-biased and direct feedback regarding their behaviors and choices. Skilled Field Guides and Therapists highlight boundaries and facilitate logical consequences that mirror the lessons essential to a healthy life. Daily life in the wilderness lends itself to metaphor and experiential learning, a highly effective means of learning. The defense of the conscious mind does not easily recognize the layers of the metaphor, thus the lessons are more deeply embraced. The group culture also becomes metaphorical when the participants begin to cultivate similar types of relationships, symptoms, and patterns they had at home.

Evoke’s Intensives utilizes small group therapy experiences. Through psycho-educational and psycho-drama activities, individuals gain greater insight about themselves.

In all of Evoke’s programs, group culture reinforces honest engagement, accountability, and healthy communication and behavioral patterns while discouraging past escape routes such as shutting down, running away, or other maladaptive responses.


Our son's experience at Evoke was nothing short of a miracle. I would highly recommend the Evoke program to anyone with a son or daughter who is having trouble navigating life.

—Charlie Elisco, Entrada Parent