Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Being Innovative Means Being Diverse

 It’s important to first recognize when it comes to diversity and inclusion we are a work in progress. While Evoke absolutely aspires to be a company of diversity, the more work we do the more we learn and realize just how much more we need and want to do.

Evoke’s Statement of Inclusion

We aspire to be a company of inclusion, bringing a greater diversity of thought and understanding to our community. Evoke thrives on the human differences created through culture, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and life experiences. We believe cultural competency is imperative in successfully working together as a team, and with our clients. We will continually strive to integrate diversity through invitation, training, and persistent personal awareness. With different backgrounds and one common mission; Evoke strides to provide the highest level of personalized therapeutic care with a focus on the whole-health of each client and family.

Evoke’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Evoke Therapy Programs have been treating diverse clients since our inception. As we progress and expand in treating a greater diversity of clients we’re learning there are areas of improvement and growth we need to see as a company. One way to ensure we’re constantly addressing issues of diversity and inclusion, and the systemic racism throughout our company and programming, is maintaining our Diversity and Inclusion Committee. This committee meets weekly, is comprised of diverse employees from all levels and departments within our organization, and makes recommendations to the Evoke executive board. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee strives to ensure the active inclusion of all employees and clients, implementing trainings, and educating all on current clinical and social issues.

Statement of Practice and Policy

As a therapy program, Evoke understands the importance of emotional safety and acceptance. With this crucial understanding, employees are expected to respect all clients and employees and their rights, beliefs and cultural up-brings and backgrounds. Evoke is dedicated to the principle of equal employment opportunities and providing all employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment.

If you have any specific questions, requests, or comments regarding Evoke’s diversity and inclusion practices, please send us a message.

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