finding hope in the wilderness

Evoke Therapy Programs offers hope in the wilderness for teens, young adults and families struggling with difficulties like trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, defiance and substance abuse. Evoke provides therapy and healing from these circumstances, following a proven approach that creates lasting positive change. Our Wilderness Therapy Programs are for teens ages 13–17 and young adults ages 18–28+.

Why Wilderness Therapy?

Evoke uses humanity’s inherent connection to the outdoors to facilitate lasting change. What can be accomplished in the wilderness just can’t be accomplished in a therapist’s office or a hospital setting. The outdoors and the challenges associated with living there, brings teens and young adults to a better understanding of themselves, their true nature, the importance of their relationships, and the value they and others bring to every situation. Guided by therapists, outdoor assignments and activities are customized to the needs of each participant, delivering a direct application back to life at home, school or work.

It Starts with Understanding

Evoke meets the behavioral and mental health needs of teens, young adults and their families, restoring wholeness and balance in the individual and in their relationships.


It’s tough being a teen today. For some teens, it’s even harder. Societal pressures, the influence of technology, substance abuse, and disassociation with others and the world around them, can leave teens struggling to find their way.


Young Adults

Young people face extreme pressures regarding leaving home, preparing themselves for a career and developing new relationships. Society is making it harder than ever to determine who they are and what they stand for.



Work, responsibilities, and career pressures can alienate children from their parents causing strife at home. Behavioral, mental health and school challenges for the teen will do the same. When families learn together they become stronger and healthier.


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“Evoke saved my life. I’d been through many other programs and Evoke is the one that finally worked.”

Madeline, Evoke Participant