Helping Teens, Young Adults & Families

Evoke Therapy Programs provides research-proven mental health treatment. We have been conducting research for over 10 years on the treatment that we provide and the results confirm our program works, creating lasting positive changes for participants. Please take a look at our research pages for the details of how successful our program has proven to be over the last decade.

We continually train our staff on the most effective and up-to-date treatments available, providing participants with the most innovative care. Our programs utilize the proven benefits of nature along with a mind, body, spirit curriculum providing whole-health benefits for our participants.

Our programs provide individuals and families the foundation they need for creating lasting changes in their lives. Treatment is tailored specifically to meet each person’s needs, and each assignment and activity is intentional to assist individuals and families in leading happy & healthy lives.

Wilderness Therapy

We provide Wilderness Therapy for Teens Ages 13-17 & Young Adults Ages 18-35. Our Wilderness Therapy programs provide personalized treatment for those struggling with issues including trauma, substance abuse, anxiety, grief, depression, identity issues, family conflict and much more. Therapy occurs in nature, away from digital distractions and other negative influences. Being outdoors, along with healthy food, adequate sleep and exercise, creates a healthy foundation for mental health, clarity, and well-being. Dynamic changes take place with the help of our highly-trained and compassionate field staff. Masters & Ph.D. level therapists create customized treatment plans for each participant and their families and offer guidance and support to meet their unique challenges.

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These intensive 4-day workshops are for individuals, parents, and families struggling with issues related to communication, codependency, intimacy, trauma, self-medicating behaviors, anxiety, conflict in relationships, or those facing difficult life decisions. Through education, psychodrama, mindfulness, and group therapy, we provide tools and insights so participants can remove the barriers keeping them stuck and separated from happiness and joy. In all of our Intensives, participants will come to understand themselves and their relationships better. While these programs are independent of our wilderness therapy programs, they can also be coordinated while a teen or young adult is enrolled at Evoke to help the family develop communications skills, boundaries, support, and prepare for transition.

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Adventure Trips

Pursuits outdoor adventure trips are exciting adventures – and so much more. They inspire and motivate participants to develop greater personal vision and pursue lifelong goals. Pursuits trips are for individuals, families, and groups and include backpacking, canyoneering, kayaking, mountain biking, rock-climbing, all-inclusive international adventure, service-oriented trips, custom trips and much more. Our guides have extensive experience, are certified as Wilderness First Responders and hold current certifications in the applicable skills being taught on the adventure trip. Pursuits trips are for young adults or families looking for a recharge, a healthy, sober adventure, or simply a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Evoke provides coaching over the phone and video conferencing for parents, children, and families. Evoke's Masters & Ph.D. level therapists have a unique set of skills due to their work with parents of participants in Evoke’s wilderness programs. Through Evoke’s coaching program, therapists will empower the clients to discover their own truth, and provide guidance in areas of parenting, co-dependency, communication, reintegration to home, and other relevant treatment areas. This service does not replace the therapy provided in recommended after-care settings. Evoke therapists work with clients pre-treatment, post-treatment, and with clients who have never participated in Evoke’s wilderness therapy program.

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