Evoke Therapy Programs

turning hope into help

Helping Families, Teens & Young Adults

There are many families struggling with issues related to anxiety, depression, addiction and mental health, causing feelings of frustration, pain, fear and hopelessness. Evoke Therapy Programs has the expertise to help.

Transforming Lives

We specialize in Wilderness Therapy, a highly effective and research-proven approach for treating teens and young adults, with extensive family support. With the distractions and digital influences of everyday life removed, participants are able to embark on an experience that provides them the skills and insight to meet the challenges in their life.

Exceptional Care

Our skilled Masters and Ph.D level Therapists and caring support staff will guide your family on a life-changing journey back to health and wholeness and a happier life. Call us to find out how Evoke can help you and your family at 866.411.6600.