Evoke Therapy Programs understands the necessity for connection and personal growth, providing a safe, healing environment for individuals, parents, couples, and families. In all our intensives, participants will come to understand themselves and their relationships better, providing them with greater understanding and hope.

Intensive Programs

Evoke's Intensives are for Individuals, Parents, Couples, and Families. Our Intensives help participants develop awareness about the impact of their history and their present-day challenges and relationships. While these programs are independent of our wilderness therapy programs, they can also be coordinated while a child...


Professional Retreats

Evoke’s Professional Growth Retreats are for professionals working in the therapeutic and recovery communities. Participants will work on issues related to their roles in these fields, while also addressing relevant issues from their personal life that may be affecting their ability to maintain a healthy, balanced...


Our Intensives Staff

Emma Reedy

Emma Reedy

Intensives Enrollment Specialist and Co-Facilitator

“I don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from this experience. And the accommodations were stellar, the food was healthy and yummy, and I connected with other amazing individuals who will be friends for life. Thank you, Evoke, for providing such an life-changing program!”

Kristen Johnson