Nature-Based Therapy for Teens (ages 13–17)

Evoke's Nature-Based Therapy is designed to drown out the noise of life and promote healing in the beautiful high desert of Utah. Making the decision to enroll your child is not one to be taken lightly, and not all outdoor programs for teens are created equal. Evoke's Nature-Based Therapy programs are clinically based and supportive.

“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the things you did and continue doing for us. The way you do your job with such a dignity, love and devotion leave us, the parents so confident that our son is in the best and I mean the best possible hands. Thank you is not enough, and I don't think there are any words for my wife and I to describe how we feel about everything that you did.”—Parent of Evoke Participant

Benefits of Evoke's Nature-Based Therapy Program for Teens

Evoke's Nature-Based Therapy for teens provides all the industry standards for care plus additional support for healing:

  • Working with a Nature-Based Therapist (PhD or Master’s level) and trained field guides
  • A formal evaluation of assessment and discharge plan from your child’s therapist.
  • A psychiatric assessment at intake and throughout their stay, as needed.
  • A personalized treatment plan with tailored goals, objectives, and assignments that promote accountability, insight, and growth in the areas of mind, body, and spirit.
  • Parent resources including weekly phone calls with their child's therapist, weekly support groups, twice weekly live webinars with Dr. Brad Reedy, a parent coordinator, live parent portal with assignments, readings and other support materials.

“There was a huge process of growth. In my time here, I've become a lot stronger and have realized that I can be challenged. It was extremely tough at times but seeing that I got through it and worked hard is a big motivation for me. The therapy helped me and my family immensely. We were able to hear each other out. I formed close relationships in the group that I will remember forever. Even though Evoke was scary and draining at times, it feels worth it in the end.”

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Treatment Plan

Your child's treatment plan will include the following:

  • Assessment, objectives, and goal setting.
  • Personalized assignments addressing the emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual self.
  • Support includes a therapist, field guides, medical coordinator, peer group. A psychiatrist and testing psychologist are also available for additional support.
  • A discharge plan to take after leaving Evoke to help continue achievements made and live a happy, healthy life.

Nature-Based Therapists

Evoke therapists are compassionate clinical experts highly equipped to lead nature-based therapy programs.

Meet Our Nature-Based Therapist Team

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"Amazing staff. I was taken on a journey I will not forget and made lifelong connections with my groupmates. Hikes were great exercise and incredible; not a single man-made structure in sight. The therapeutic environment was amazing and so was the therapy. The therapeutic assignments were relevant and necessary in helping me through my process at Evoke."

"I felt myself getting angry, but then I felt myself do something that I've never done before. I just listened. I didn't lash out. Experiencing that helped me realize that I am making progress, and that this place does really work!"

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