Coaching Services & Benefits

Evoke offers a wide range of coaching services. Find your path and get the support and guidance you need to find inner peace. Addressing grief and loss, guilt, anger, and trauma requires careful attention. Specialized coaching services are available to individuals, parents, families, and couples.

Parent Coaching and Intensives

When your child is suffering, you are too. Evoke Coaches will help you process everything you’re feeling and develop new skills and greater awareness. Parent coaching combined with an Evoke Intensive provide participants seamless support.

Family Coaching

A family is an ecosystem. Family coaching requires a multifaceted approach that can include a combination of individual coaching, intensives, retreats, developing communication skills, and more.

“Our work with our Evoke coach has totally transformed our family life and I could not be happier with both the excellent services but more importantly, the wonderful outcomes we have received as a family.” —Anonymous

Couples Coaching

Evoke coaches can provide couple and marital counseling. Understanding your own issues will transform you into a better partner, helping to set boundaries, repair trust, and heal childhood wounds.

“After working our Evoke coach, I am finding more self-compassion and kindness for myself. The negative reel in my head is less apparent. I am exploring things within myself I have avoided, but at my pace. The Evoke approach is incredibly validating, positive, and safe. If you are considering an Evoke coach, trust your instinct and follow through. Evoke coaching is bound to help you explore and see yourself in a different, more positive light.” —Anonymous

Get to Know Our Coaching Team

Evoke coaches are highly trained professionals ready to help you heal.

Meet the Coaches

Coaching Benefits

All Evoke coaching clients receive the following benefits:

  • Discounts on in-person and online Intensives
  • Access to live weekly webinars
  • Participation in Evoke support groups at no cost
  • Collaboration with your treatment team at home

Email our enrollment team at or call us at 866.411.6600 for more information.

Evoke Coaching is a telehealth practice that is not a substitute for clinical services from a medical provider.