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The Process of Learning & Exploring

Posted by Paul Goddard, Ph.D. on April 01, 2015 | 0 comment(s)

Think for a moment – who are some of the mentors that have made the greatest difference in your life?  Who has impacted the person you are today?  Parents?  Teachers?  Coaches?  Friends?  Reflecting on the influence of these people often evokes both gratitude and nostalgia. 

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The Relationship is the Therapy

Posted by Peter Allen, MS, NCC on March 26, 2015 | 0 comment(s)

When clinicians are being trained in the craft and art of providing therapy, we are taught to be attentive to so many things. Of course we were taught to keep a very high degree of awareness and to be attuned to our clients’ state of being. However, I remember being trained to have awareness of: my posture, tone of voice, the pacing of my words, eye contact, what my hands were doing, my own feelings, moods, and triggers, body sensations, clinical formulations and diagnoses, and of course, personal biases. Now, this may seem like a whole lot to keep track of while attending to someone else… and it is.

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Reflections on Empowerment

Posted by Caitlin Tharaldson on March 16, 2015 | 0 comment(s)

I was overwhelmed with gratitude and connection to my clients’ empowerment after I walked up to my group this past Tuesday to begin the week’s therapy sessions. With a few new inches of snow on the group, patches of boot deep mud, and a biting chill in the air, a new wintery environment had finally happened after weeks of unseasonable warmth in Evoke at Entrada’s field area. As I arrived, the clients were stocking wood as a part of a service project at the Oasis. Upon approaching the group, I heard outcries of positivity from many of them. Multiple clients yelled out to me, saying, “Caitlin! We hiked so much this week through tons of snow!” and “This week was so hard! We made it!” with smiles on their faces and strength in their voices as they methodically created a woodpile next to the wood-burning stove in the yurt where they sleep.

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Finding Your Child: How Wilderness Therapy Provides an Unprecedented Container for Healing

Posted by Cassidy Miller, M.A. on March 09, 2015 | 1 comment(s)

Cassidy Miller 6374All of the stories and cases that I can think of—those that have impacted the way that I conceptualize therapy and what works and how I "do" what I "do"— boil down to a few basic themes. Within each theme there is one glaring force that trumps all. That is, the quality and nature of the relationship I had with each person that came my way.

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Research on Medication Changes in Wilderness Therapy

Posted by Katie Massey MSW, MSPH, Research Director on March 02, 2015 | 0 comment(s)

Katie MasseyWhat about medications in wilderness therapy? Let’s bring data to the conversation!

Questions about medications often arise in conversations with families and educational consultants. There are valid concerns about changes and increases in medications, and also about how effective the meds their child is currently taking. In response to these concerns, we generally talk about how our goal is to get the best baseline assessment possible; so we are not going to suggest new medications or make big changes, unless it is really warranted. We talk about our fantastic team and the fact that we can do any kind of med management.

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Utilizing Transport Companies: Allaying Fears, and Addressing Myths Associated with Adolescent Transport

Posted by Brad Reedy, Ph.D., Owner & Clinical Director on February 14, 2015 | 2 comment(s)

reedyNow that you have decided on the need for Wilderness Therapy, how do you make it happen? As evidenced by their need for a therapeutic placement, the ability of your child to make healthy decisions is lacking. If your child is at a point where they need such an intervention, it is often the case that they are not willing to dialogue or more importantly, cooperate with you about boundaries, interventions, therapy and most especially, Wilderness Therapy.

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Meditating on the Gumdrops

Posted by Entrada Field Staff, Anthony Salerno on February 09, 2015 | 1 comment(s)

This month marks two years into my journey as a field instructor at Entrada. As I prepare to head into the field this Tuesday, I can’t help but reflect upon my experiences thus far. Above all, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude! I am grateful for the friends I have made, the participants I have both taught and learned from, and for the development opportunities I have encountered while working here.

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A Woodworker’s Perspective on the Journey of Therapy

Posted by Peter Allen, MS, LPCI on February 03, 2015 | 2 comment(s)

These days, when I’m not working with clients out in the field, I find myself spending more time in my home woodshop. It is a place where I feel free, creative, expansive, and courageous. Despite this, it is a place where I have made plenty of half-hearted attempts and experienced numerous failures. Recently, I have noticed several meaningful connections between the art of therapy and the art of woodwork, for both of which I have a profound love and admiration.

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