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Posted by Rick Heizer, MS, Owner & Executive Director on September 08, 2015

Rick Heizer 17One of Evoke’s founding principles is to, “Continually be a transformative program and company.” This, in part, means we are committed to the health of our employees, organization, and our communities. We believe it’s our responsibility to make efforts to better the health of our local, regional and global communities. At Evoke we do this through a variety of means, including how we spend and donate our money and time as well as providing other acts of service.

As a therapy program drawing on the human connection to the wilderness, it is no surprise we have a deep-rooted loyalty to our natural environment. Because of this, we take several steps to give back to the long-term sustainability of our world’s resources. Some of the ways we do this is through printing our folders and brochures on 100% recycled materials that were produced by wind power. We also support Bagito bags. These bags are made from 100% recycled plastics and all net profits are donated to Power2Sustain, a non-profit environmental literacy program.

As a health care provider we are required to maintain certain documents and paperwork at our office while a client is in our program. As a result, Evoke recycles thousands of pounds of shredded paperwork each year. We also have extensive recycling programs at our offices, which also allow employees and our neighbors to deposit recycled goods. Other ways Evoke maintains its commitment to the natural environment is through our participation in the Adopt-A-Road Program, monthly clean up service projects on public lands, and volunteering with local education programs.

Evoke contributes to our global community through the companies we work with. One example is our connection to Sherpa Adventure Gear (SAG), a long time partner of Evoke Therapy Programs that is owned by a Sherpa family who operate their own factory in Nepal. SAG is a conscientious company committed to giving back to the people of Nepal. Evoke’s direct monetary donations to SAG’s Paldorje Earthquake Relief Fund as well as our continued purchase of their technical clothing for our clients supports the earthquake relief in Nepal and the continued education of Sherpa children in the remote areas of Nepal. We treasure our partnership with SAG and their dedication to quality, integrity and commitment to giving back.DSC 0294

Evoke contributes to our local communities through a variety of programs. Some examples of these are the local battered women’s shelters, homeless shelters, child safety education and drug prevention programs in Bend, OR and St. George, UT. These are all just a few of the ways Evoke Therapy Programs fulfills its commitment to giving back. Every day we are presented with opportunities to make a difference. We have only begun to do our part and look forward to a long-term effort to help our communities be healthier and happier. We hope you find your own ways to do your part as well. Thank you for all of your support of Evoke Therapy Programs, and in turn, supporting the many causes we continue to support. By making small incremental changes in our own lives and communities we can all collectively create large-scale lasting changes.

If you are interested in contributing to the Sherpa Adventure Gear’s relief fund, please visit our new fundraising campaign for the Paldorje Sherpa Foundation.

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