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Posted by Josh Nelson, BA, Logistics Coordinator on November 24, 2015

Josh Nelson 33Eleven years ago I moved to Santa Clara with a plan to work at Entrada for a year before attending law school. When the time came to go to school I found myself conflicted about leaving. I loved what I did and I loved the people with whom I worked. Ten years later I am still here sans a law degree and completely happy with my decision to stay.

This year Evoke at Entrada was included in Outside Magazine’s 2015 Annual Best Places To Work List. As the only wilderness therapy company in the nation to make the list we ranked #6 in the Best Health and Wellness Jobs category and #46 overall. It is an inclusion that is an honor but not a surprise. It is a testament to the quality of work we do, and our elite standing within the industry. That alone makes Entrada a great place to work; but what really sets Entrada apart and makes it special are the people.

Entrada takes care of its own by offering unequalled professional and personal support. Entrada encourages its employees to do their own work, providing opportunities for individual therapy sessions, personal and professional development and community building activities. Weekly free professional yoga classes are offered to anyone within the company. Additionally, staff have three weeks paid vacation per year, and are eligible for commitment bonuses once they reach certain time of service benchmarks. Entrada staff also have access to pro deals with many outdoor companies and technical clothing lines.

Entrada is a company that genuinely cares for its employees. This care is shown not only through provided opportunities and industry leading compensation, but also on a very personal and one-to-one level. Owners, managers and directors know everyone’s names and there is always an open door policy whether you want to talk about work or just shoot the breeze about sports, movies or music.

Ultimately it was the people and the caring environment that made my choice to stay at Entrada a decade ago easy. I spend everyday working with people who care about each other. That culture carries over into our program and to our participants. At Entrada people matter, and that is what makes our program matter. That is what makes us a best place to work.


Thank you Josh for your very kind words. It really is folks like you that make this such a great place to work. Thank you for all you do!

Posted by Rick Heizer

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