Emma Reedy

How Granola Bars Taught Me Connection

Posted by Emma Reedy on March 31, 2021 | 3 comment(s)

3D5CE1B5 CAD3 452E 9B15 BDA02754F427 1 201 aMuch of what I have learned about the work I do everyday holding space for parents regarding their struggling kids came from my experience working at a residential treatment center (RTC) for adolescent girls. I, myself, am not a parent , but through this job I got the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be around, engage with, set boundaries with, and love teenage girls in a highly intense environment.

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Acceptance vs. Understanding

Posted by Emma Reedy on December 16, 2020 | 6 comment(s)

4A91233B 6736 4AB9 9973 8A1CD8659855I have only recently considered the subtle nuances between acceptance and understanding. Prior to these realizations, I made little distinction between the two. Then, a friend told me his story about when he came out to his father, and I realized that there is a crucial distinction.

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The Three Circles Communication Tool

Posted by Emma Reedy, Senior Intensive Staff on December 09, 2016 | 3 comment(s)

DBF10AD9 3D8B 435D 99C5 4418F7CF566DThe “3 Circles Exercise” illustrates a communication tool that can be used with any relationship, whether it is between parent and child, partners, friends, or coworkers. It is a template that can aid in clarifying boundaries, mediating conflictual relationships, and managing codependence. In the illustration, there are three different circles, “My Circle,” the “Relationship Circle,” and the “Other’s Circle.” And in each, there are specific responsibilities.

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