Safety & Gear


Risk management is a top priority for Evoke Wilderness Therapy programs.

Evoke staff undergo extensive training to become field instructors and are taught risk management, emergency procedures and are CPR and WFR certified. They have 24/7 direct access to an on-call medical coordinator (RN) and medical director (MD). Staff members have two-way radios and satellite phones and immediate access to support from EMS, including helicopters. All participants are also pre-screened and receive a medical intake physical before the program.


All essential gear, clothing, personal items, and equipment for the Wilderness Therapy program are provided. However, participants are responsible for providing their own eyeglasses (no contacts), prescription medication, and dental retainer.

Evoke is proud to partner with Sherpa Adventure Gear, a Sherpa-owned and operated company providing the highest quality of technical clothing tested by Sherpas in the Himalayan Mountains. For a full gear list, contact us.