Entrada Workshop Schedule

Day One
9:00 am Welcome and “The Perfect Parent: Myth and Reality”
9:15 am Connecting so we don’t feel alone on this journey. An opportunity to meet the participants in this workshop, including parents, field staff and wilderness alumni
10:45 am Break
10:55 am Assertive Communication Skills Hands-on practice using “I feel..." Statement, reflective listening, & feedback
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Stories and Experiences of Evoke Alumni
2:30 pm How our kids manipulate us and how we let them. Boundaries • Theory and Practice
3:15 pm Break
3:30 pm Dignity & Conflict in the Parent/Child Relationship
4:30 pm 8 Tools for Transforming Relationships
5:30 pm Parent Bill of Rights
6:00 pm Dinner on your own
Day Two
9:00 am “A Day In The Life” Getting a flavor of what it’s like to be in the wilderness!
  Meet in the Parking Lot
Please dress in comfortable, outdoor attire appropriate for the season. This will include a short hike and participation in several activities your child experiences on her/his journey at Evoke Therapy Programs.
9:10 am Travel to “The Wilderness”
10:00 am A Short Hike
10:15 am Meditation
10:30 am Sitting Group "Wellness Cycle" & Wilderness Snack “GORP & fruit”
12:15 am P-time & Wilderness Lunch (letter writing and reflection time)
1:30 pm Hard Skills “Busting”
2:30 pm Check-in and brief group discussion about the morning
3:00 pm Return to The Entrada Office
4:00 pm Breakout Session "Field Visits"
4:45 pm Break • Evaluations
5:00 pm Q&A
6:00 pm Dinner on your own

All times in Mountain Time