Voter Registration and Casting Ballots from the Wilderness

Posted by Lindsey Bosse on September 25, 2020

9C03C951 FC16 4C22 85DB 01C4434467ACElection day is just around the corner. September 22nd was National Voter Registration day, and a great reminder for all citizens of the United States to take a little time in their day to ensure their voter registration. Since our staff and clients have a harder time accessing the internet, the seamless process of voter registration, or at least confirming that they are registered, is a more tedious task for our wilderness folks.

Thus for the past few weeks the Field Departments and Clinical Teams have been diligent in reminding voter-aged clients and all staff of the pending registration deadlines. Clients who are interested in voting will be given the opportunity to register in the state they usually reside in. Clients who are going to be in the program during the time of the election are encouraged to register for an absentee ballot to be sent to the field, so they have the opportunity to vote while they are in our programs.

Both Utah and Oregon follow mail-in ballot practices, and for that reason, Field Departments will continue to remind staff to get their ballots in on time before entering their shift over the week of November 3rd. As a team, we will ensure that all clients and employees that are of voting age and who want to, will be able to cast a ballot in the next election. We also want to take this opportunity to remind the rest of our community, from current families and alumni, to current and former employees, to take the time to register and participate in the voting process in your state!


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