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Ed Coombs

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Spring Holidays in the Wilderness at Entrada

Posted by Ed Coombs, MA, M.Ed., Warehouse Coordinator on March 31, 2016 | 0 comment(s)

Ed Coombs 102At Evoke at Entrada, we can (and do) handle a variety of dietary challenges, ranging from nut allergies and gluten or lactose intolerance, to vegetarian and vegan diets. Our participants have two food restocks (or divies) a week: Tuesday/Staff change, and Friday/Meat Night. Occasionally, we get to do something different, and this last weekend was different.

This past weekend was Easter, and we sent out items that were beyond our standard fare; all groups received Roast Beef, Ham, Tofurkey, Red Potatoes, Carrots, and Dinner Rolls for the holiday feast. For Easter Eggs, we sent out plastic eggs, as well as fresh eggs with commercial dyeing kits and natural dyeing materials (Red onion skins, Yellow onion skins, Red cabbage, Beets, Red Zinger Tea, and Turmeric).

The Wilderness can bring up different meaning about holidays for our participants. They can be a touchstone to remind them of home, a springboard to propel them forward, or just a break in the routine. I remember Easter of 2004 when I was in the field and dyed eggs and had an Easter Egg Hunt with a group of adolescent boys; it was exciting to see them be able to have fun and make different memories in the field. My hope is that holidays in the wilderness can be used to build upon the new tools, skills, and goals that participants can gain during their time at Evoke.

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