Matt Hoag, Ph.D.

Owner, Clinical Director & Therapist at Evoke Wilderness Therapy



Matt Hoag, Ph.D.

Owner, Clinical Director & Therapist at Evoke Wilderness Therapy

Matt works with bright, manipulative, oppositional, and sensitive kids with mood issues. His clients often present with a complicated clinical picture and many have substance abuse issues. Matt has extensive experience in treating adolescents with adoption and attachment issues, grief and loss issues, and processing and learning issues. He supports clients dealing with trauma gradually, through a narrative and process-oriented manner, assisting them in taking incremental steps in facing what they are ready to face in the present. He works well with clients who have medical issues that require special consideration or related therapeutic issues. Matt is an expert in treating adolescents with ADHD, including working with neurodiverse young people on the spectrum.

Education & Prior Work Experience

Dr. Hoag earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Brigham Young University. He is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and has been practicing in Utah since 1994. Matt has specialized in the treatment and assessment of adolescents and their families in wilderness settings for over twenty years. He co-founded Entrada, now Evoke at Entrada, in 2004. Currently, he is a Therapist for adolescent boys and Clinical Director at Entrada. He also worked at Uintas, Aspen Achievement Academy, and Red Cliff Ascent.

Prior to engaging in wilderness therapy, Matt worked in private practice, a children’s hospital, and outpatient clinics in Utah and Kansas. He has published more than 20 articles regarding group dynamics and psychotherapy, programs for juvenile delinquents, childhood sexual abuse, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and the efficacy of wilderness therapy. As the Director of Research at Evoke, Dr. Hoag has presented on research and theoretical models at national and regional psychological conferences and he continues to be a leader in the area of Wilderness Therapy Research.

Matt served on the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Program’s research committee to further research efforts within the NATSAP community.


Matt utilizes a creative and passionate approach, using wilderness skills to facilitate process and address resistance, while remaining emotionally supportive, and challenging as appropriate. Matt is creative and adept at using the strengths of his field staff to facilitate change. Matt is skilled at working with families who struggle with challenging dynamics.


Matt is the oldest of 5 children, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and raised in Minnesota. He is a Vikings and Timberwolves fan, and overall sports fan. He is passionate about many things and often becomes “addicted” to his current hobby (according to those that know him well). Matt’s current passions are mountain biking and hiking throughout Utah. He enjoys spending time with his family (four daughters and one son) playing card games, hiking, kayaking, and being outdoors. He loves spending time with his two grandchildren, ages 4 and 1, and may spoil them regularly. Matt also enjoys collecting art, playing pinball, and exploring trails. He has been married for 30 years and enjoys traveling with his wife.