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Addressing your own or a loved one’s mental health is a journey. Evoke Therapy Programs are designed to set you on a path to understand your health challenges and begin to heal. By understanding the trauma and root causes of anxiety and depression, we help you to address destructive behaviors like addiction or self-sabotage. Each of our programs is designed to expedite your journey based upon your life experience thus far.

These short videos show why Evoke's Nature-Based Therapy and Evoke Intensives are so effective.

Resources for Your Journey

Brad Reedy 3215

Dr. Reedy's Podcast

A weekly conversation with our founder and clinical director Dr. Brad Reedy. With over 500 episodes, topics explore a range of questions from people actively involved in therapeutic programs to common mental health issues and interpersonal relationship topics.

“Our podcast is an invitation to think about our problems and solutions in different ways. I try to have a conversation with the listeners that invites self-compassion and hope. The result of this new way of thinking is peace, confidence, and clarity. I hope people can feel liberated from anxiety and find the courage to look within themselves to find healing.”

–Brad Reedy, Ph.D.,
Owner, Clinical Director of
Evoke Therapy Programs


Listener Review

“These podcasts aren’t just for parents who have children that are struggling. They are for everyone. We’ve really gotten a lot out of them and they’ve influenced the way we parent. The results are better relationships with our children and peace and serenity with the way things are.…”


The Audacity to Be You

The Audacity to Be You—Learning to Love Your Horrible, Rotten Self, the second of two books authored by Dr. Reedy, is a stellar example of Dr. Reedy’s often counterintuitive approach to first understanding yourself, an approach that is core to Evoke Therapy Programs.


Reader Review

“If you’re looking for a worthy project in these crazy times, choose your Self and read this book. Dr. Reedy’s mission—his passion—is to help people learn to understand themselves, to love themselves, to forgive themselves. In doing this, he teaches us, we are eventually able to do it for the 'others' in our life as well.”

Engage with Evoke

Through hundreds of podcasts and articles, books by Evoke’s founder, Dr. Brad Reedy, and participating in therapy programs like nature-based therapy and Intensives, you gain awareness and healing to empower the rest of your life. Through this journey, your true Self is found.

“Evoke saved my life. I’d been through many other programs and Evoke is the one that finally worked.”

Madeline, Evoke Participant