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Young Adults Sample Schedule

One of the benefits of the wilderness is that every day is new. Each day brings unpredictable experiences, hikes, weather, peer interactions, etc. Even though each day holds new adventures there are some basic activities that are common during a typical day, the following is what a typical day may look like:

Morning Activities

  • Wake-up and pack up backpack
  • Orientation and morning planning
  • Morning meditations, yoga, exercise or personal time
  • Breakfast and morning hygiene
  • Pack up and re-naturalize camp
  • Morning group therapy

Afternoon & Evening Activities

  • Hike
  • Lunch
  • Personal time, work on therapy assignments, letter writing
  • Journaling and book reading
  • Service projects and initiatives
  • Academic opportunities and assignments
  • Camp setup
  • Personal & group chores
  • Hard skills (bow-drill fire-making, primitive arts skills, and projects)
  • Prepare & eat dinner and evening hygiene
  • Guitar playing, drum circles, and group music activities
  • Evening group therapy
  • Sleep

Additionally, every day includes standing groups, with individual sessions taking place weekly, layover days 2-3 times a week with laundry exchange, and shower days throughout the week. Each group takes on a personality composed of the unique individuals who inhabit it. Staff, Therapists, and participants help form a group culture that speaks to each individual and allows them the opportunity to express their talents and personality. Most days are spent living nomadically, backpacking through the wilderness, but every two to four weeks Entrada clients will arrive at The Oasis.