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Health & Wellness

The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection 

A founding principle of Evoke Therapy Programs is to provide the best possible treatment in order for our clients to achieve and sustain a healthy, happy life. To accomplish this, a person’s whole-health must be considered. Supporting the mind, body, and spirit connection is essential for long-term sustainable growth and transformation to take place. Clinical research shows that diet, nutrition, exercise and spiritual connection enhances and maintains positive psychological changes, elevates moods and increases confidence. Evoke Therapy Programs supports the health of our participants by diverse and well-informed means. Daily hikes, backpacking, adventure activities, yoga, meditation, active recreation, service/work projects, healthy diet, cooking & nutrition classes complement our clinical focus.


Food is an intimate part of life and plays a central role in one's daily schedule. How we feed our bodies often reflects how well we are feeding our emotional, psychological, and spiritual self as well. Evoke educates participants on healthy cooking, mindful eating, simple nutrition, and cultivating a more intentional and exciting relationship with food.

The health and well-being of an individual requires attention to the whole person. One of the most intimate connections with the outside world, physiologically, comes from the food we eat. The nutrients present or absent in our diet ultimately become the chemical structures, or lack of, of our bodies. This connection strongly influences our cognitive ability, our physical vitality, and our nervous system’s responses and processes. This translates into how we perceive and navigate our internal and external world every second of our life.

Emerging research links symptoms of anxiety, depression and other psychological maladies to poor food choices – neglecting structured meal times, binging, restricting, or simply consuming poor quality/ junk food. For this reason, Evoke Therapy Programs is dedicated to providing participants with organic, local, consciously cultivated, nutrient-dense food. Beyond providing a healthy menu, we strive to teach and inspire healthy eating habits and offer simple, sound information on nutrition and its role in psychological well-being.

Evoke Clients participate in cooking and basic nutrition classes with our Health and Wellness Coordinator to broaden their skills and insight regarding their relationship with food and its role in long-term physical and emotional health.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga and clinical therapeutic treatment share common goals – establishing greater health and well-being by creating cognitive, behavioral, and emotional change. The practices by which we hope to engender these outcomes are also similar: inviting introspection and greater self-awareness, building resiliency and intrapersonal resources, promoting self-efficacy and positive emotional response (outlook). At Evoke Therapy Programs, we supplement our clinical focus with yogic practices to augment the therapeutic plan of each individual participant. These practices include physical postures (asana), breath awareness and regulation (pranayama), mindfulness, and meditation (dharana and dhyana).

Yoga is becoming increasing recognized as a powerful compliment to other treatment modalities for a variety of cognitive, psychological and behavioral issues including addiction, PTSD and complex trauma, eating disorders, ADD, depression and anxiety. Incipient data has placed yoga in the foreground of progressive and effective complimentary treatment options in clinically sophisticated milieus.


At Evoke Therapy Programs we help our clients cultivate a deeper sense of self. One critical way we do this is by helping clients understand what spirituality is and how it can benefit them. Spirituality is often misunderstood and at times is only seen as organized religion, church and god, all of which can be crucial for some clients’ spirituality; however, spirituality is also meditation, personal prayer or reflection, solos and nature walks. These inner personal experiences and processes help our clients connect to their more authentic self while providing a better understanding of the world around them and their existence in it.

For more information on Evoke and independent research visit our Proven Results page.

Evoke was the catalyst in our daughter turning away from oppositional and destructive behavior to making healthy and productive choices for her future. Your program provided excellent communication, education, and support to us during her wilderness intervention. We are hopeful for her future and grateful for all of the professionals at Evoke. - Evoke Parent