Adam H

Adam Heldibridle

Clinical Assistant at Entrada

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As a Clinical Assistant at Evoke Entrada, Adam assists the primary therapist in working with families, students, and referring professionals to best support the needs of each. His key responsibilities include assisting with in-the-field sessions, performing weekly parent phone calls, and facilitating scheduling needs. He works with students to determine their unique weekly therapeutic assignments and then collaborates with the Field Instructor team to implement and fulfill these goals.

In 2003, Adam graduated with an Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice Studies as well as an Associate of Science in Criminal Sciences from Broward College in Florida. In 2015 he began his journey towards his Master’s Degree in Social Work. Adam graduated Summa Cum Laude with his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of New Mexico in December of 2018. He is looking forward to starting his Master’s in Social Work in 2019 at Arizona State University.

Adam began his career in Wilderness Therapy in 2003 working with adjudicated youth in Florida. The following year he moved west and worked for programs in Montana and central Utah before coming to work for Entrada in 2005. For three years he served as a Senior Field Instructor and Mentor at Entrada, leaving in 2008 to work as an Assistant Field Director for an adult wilderness program in central Utah. Over the course of fifteen years, Adam worked for eight different programs in five states, serving clients and team members in a wide range of functions from Senior Field Instructor to Field Director to Medical Coordinator. Adam left the wilderness in 2015 to pursue his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Adam recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife, Anna, their cat, Pete, and his partner for much of his time in the field, their dog Nanuk. In addition to being an accomplished woodsman and guide, Adam is an avid film and literature buff. He enjoys attending rodeo events, particularly bull riding, and grabbing a baseball game whenever possible. As a result, he’s looking forward to catching the PBR and NFR while living in Las Vegas as well as a few Aviators games along the way. Rumor has it that Las Vegas is looking at acquiring an MLB team so, needless to say, he’ll be following that closely, too.