Red Hawk

Red Hawk

Entrada Senior Field Instructor

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Red Hawk was given his name for keeping a watchful eye and for being a master in primitive fire making. For ten years, Red Hawk has walked the western Utah wilderness with Evoke youth. Previously, he instructed at another program for five years. Red Hawk has seen how a focus on extensive hiking, wilderness crafts, plant identification, and healthy individual food preparation can create a high level of self-accomplishment in participants. As a staff at Evoke, Red Hawk focuses on past and present behaviors, which are explored and shared. Both staff and participants are taught to express what is going on for themselves in a healthy way and are presented with choices of coping skills. Red Hawk believes the sustainability of self-expression is an additional key to a healthy lifestyle.

Red Hawk’s personal experiences include being a grandfather to 14 grandchildren and a father to five children who have excelled in their lives. Red Hawk and his wife raised their children in a full-time farming and ranching environment. Red Hawk chose to work at Evoke because his children had left the farm to pursue professional careers and he felt he still had more to offer youth, having been the recipient of great mentors who made a difference in his own life.

Red Hawk enjoys fishing, canoeing, hiking, and all aspects of equine, including colt breaking, trail riding, and equine therapy. Red Hawk authored a book, “Just Whom Am I Training Anyway?”, that teaches the adaptation of the instructor to meet the learning style of the student. It is infused with stories of training dogs, horses, and oneself. Red Hawk’s skills include operating a welding shop, primitive archery making, auto mechanics, moccasin making, and hunting. He also remains active in his church community. His many years of wilderness therapy work have given him communication skills which have been instrumental in bringing his family closer.