Jordan Machtelinckx

Director of Operations at Cascades

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Jordan is an Oregonian of Belgian descent who grew up trekking the backwoods and wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. His multicultural background has led him to explore over 40 countries and learn multiple languages. His short-lived career in engineering was no match for the call of travel, exploration, and outdoor experiential education. He has taken every outdoor education course he can fit into his life, from technical ice and rock climbing to wilderness medicine. He has dabbled in mountain rescue organizations and he worked for two years as a field instructor at Evoke Cascades. He recently spent a summer in Alaska where he worked as a glacier guide and did safety and rigging work before returning to the Evoke community. He has an insatiable curiosity about human endurance and adventure, and he spends his free time rock climbing, mountaineering, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, bikepacking, and trail running. Jordan quickly drew the connection between a healthy, active lifestyle indulgent in the outdoors and mental health, and continues to work with Evoke to help support others make the connection for themselves. Working in the field at Evoke and guiding on remote glaciers in Alaska has helped him hone his skills in logistics and support the daily operations at Evoke Cascades so that field instructors can continue to provide high quality, meaningful mental health support to Evoke families.