Jason  Sibley

Jason Sibley

Program Director at Cascades

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Jason grew up overseas, living in seven different countries before completing high school. He graduated from Providence College with a BA in History. He then worked at a middle school as a special education tutor and coached basketball, intending to quickly earn his MA in teaching or counseling. After a 35 day NOLS course through the Absoraka Mountains in northwestern Wyoming Jason changed his mind, immediately feeling called to work and teach outdoors. During that search he discovered Wilderness Therapy and, with little exception, hasn’t strayed from the work and community since.

Jason has worked in the Wilderness Therapy field since October 2007, when he began work as a Field Instructor for Entrada. After three years as an instructor he became the Assistant Field Director, leading the guide recruitment, orientation, and training process. He then became the Field Director and remained in that role for three years, overseeing the training, support, risk management, and day-to-day operations of the entire field team. After a brief hiatus back east, Jason worked as the Program Director for a different Wilderness Therapy organization, leading the Field, Operations, and Medical teams. As Program Director Jason provides program-wide leadership and collaboration, oversees operations, coordinates and leads trainings for all departments, and ensures program quality. Jason supports the management teams through consistent training, communication, and a service-driven approach.

When he isn’t working Jason tries to get into the mountains every chance he gets. He is an amateur mountaineer, avid backpacker, and barely adequate climber. He loves to cook, read, debate all things history, and spends most of his time with his longtime sidekick, Savannah the chocolate lab.