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Sanford Shapiro, M.Ed

Learning Specialist & Executive Consultant for Evoke Therapy Programs

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Sanford Shapiro is a learning disabilities specialist who is a highly sought after trainer and speaker, noted for his ability to bridge gaps between therapy and cognitive science. He has been interviewed on TV and in print for his insights into learning differences and social-emotional concerns. Sanford has had an extensive career as a teacher-trainer, school director and special needs consultant. Sanford’s knowledge is steeped in research and heart, born from personal and family experience as well as professional and clinical work. Known for his success with dyslexic learners, gifted students and those on the autism spectrum, Sanford’s mission has always been grounded by sharp insights about the day-to-day lives of children and adults who learn differently.

Sanford has lived abroad in Australia as well as the west coast and mountain ranges of the northwestern US. Sanford was born and raised in Brooklyn NY and has also lived and worked in Appalachia and New England. These diverse experiences have reinforced the idea that different cultures are to be celebrated and yet always finding the joy in common ground. Sanford and his wife Debbie, parents of two young adult sons currently live in the beautiful UNESCO world heritage city of Cuenca, Ecuador. This is their current base of operations and life, and enjoy traveling back to the USA for friends, family, and work.

Sanford is also the author of two children’s books, “A Light Within” (2017) and “A Light Within My Dyslexia” (to be published later in 2019)