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Michael "Griff" Griffin

Therapist at Evoke Therapy Intensives

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Michael “Griff” Griffin works well with addictive disorders, Co-Dependency and dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders (Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Trauma, etc). Griff believes that the ability to evaluate our own emotional landscape and challenge the story we tell ourselves is an integral part of the healing process. Trauma in the literature is often referred to as “frozen grief”, and in order to heal, we have to feel. Those suffering from trauma and addictive disorders tend to be emotionally avoidant. Increasing emotional literacy and engaging in narrative and experiential therapy help people recover from addiction and co-occurring issues.

As a trained clinician and 12-step specialist Griff has a distinct approach with the clients he works with. Griff combines his clinical experience and passion for helping others with his own personal 12-step recovery journey, providing him with clinical insight and direction while still connecting in a very genuine and personal way.

Education & Prior Work Experience:
Griff graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Studies & Education. In 2011 he received his Master’s Degree in Counseling from Oregon State University. Griff is also a Master Level Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC III).

Griff began his career as a detox counselor at an inpatient chemical dependency treatment center in Michigan where he helped clients cultivate a healthy foundation to build adaptive healthy coping skills in efforts to help achieve long-term sobriety. With a desire to incorporate outdoor experiences with his alcohol and drug counseling, Griff started working at Uintas as a field instructor in 2002. In 2008, Griff became a Clinical Assistant for Cascades. After completing his graduate degree, Griff became a primary therapist for Evoke Cascades were he worked with adolescents and young adults struggling with clinical mental health and addictive disorders. Griff worked as a wilderness therapist until November of 2019 when he departed the woods to found Griffin Therapeutic and Consulting Services.

Griff takes a relational approach to therapy. He often draws from the 12-step model, cognitive behavioral therapy, existential modalities, and Jungian concepts to engage clients. As a recovering alcoholic/addict, Griff is able to use his own experience and a wry sense of humor to engage clients and work toward embracing their own vulnerability in order to discover their personal path. He believes in a strong family systems approach and holds that the best thing one can do to help an addicted loved one is to engage in one’s own process and allow them access to the healthiest support possible. Griff works best with addiction issues and the co-occurring issues that come with addiction including co-dependency, anxiety, depression, trauma, and ADHD.

Griff was born and raised outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is an alumnus of Eastern Michigan University where he received a Bachelor Degree in Education. He uses his undergraduate degree in education in concert with his graduate work and professional experience to teach as an adjunct at Oregon State University.

Griff lives in Bend, Oregon and spends the bulk of his time exploring the region with his son and daughter Elliott and Leota. Other interests include reading, mountain biking, comedic writing and performing, playing the alto saxophone, and rooting for any Detroit sports team that is playing.