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Cara Dunn

Host at Evoke Therapy Intensives

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As the Intensives Host, Cara fosters a warm and welcoming space that supports the invitation for guests to grow, change and heal. For nearly a decade with Evoke, her roles have included Field Instructor, Mentor, Pursuits Trip Guide, Family Walkabout Facilitator, Orientation Leader, Intensives Host, and Staff Development Specialist at Entrada.

At the Intensives, Cara manages an ever-evolving gourmet menu that caters to each individual’s dietary needs, allergies, and food sensitivities. Cara is focused on creating an environment that encourages self-care with access to Massage Therapy Sessions, Yoga Classes, Daily Mindfulness & Meditation Practices, and Outdoor Recreation Activities. Cara strives to keep guests well-nourished, cared for and physically comfortable as they dive into the challenging personal work.

Cara works with the Intensives Team to exceed guests’ expectations, providing quality assurance of Clinical Programming, outstanding lodge accommodations, and attentive & engaging hospitality staff to maximize the richness of the therapeutic experience. Cara spearheads the Alumni Outreach Program for guests of the Therapeutic Intensives, Pursuits Trips, and Private Retreats. She facilitates supportive communication that highlights continuous opportunities for alumni to further their personal work independently. Cara plans special events that cultivate relationships with alumni that are on parallel paths of their inward journeys.