The Evoke Team

Paul Goddard

Paul Goddard, Ph.D.

Therapist at Entrada

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Clients Paul Works Well With:

Dr. Goddard’s experience and training prepare him to work with clinically complex individuals with multiple diagnoses: survivors of trauma and abuse, adoption, disrupted attachment, depression, anxiety, self-harm, learning difficulties, socially awkward, substance abuse, oppositional, eating disorders, and low self-confidence. Paul demonstrates a deep understanding of issues that underlie the symptoms and behavior. He also works to create healing within difficult family dynamics. His ability to create a safe environment in which dysfunctional patterns can be confronted provides an excellent platform from which students can launch into their next step in the therapeutic journey toward a healthy and productive life. Perhaps Paul’s most special gift as a therapist is the empathy he combines with accountability for each girl.

Education & Prior Work Experience:

Dr. Goddard started working with special needs children in 1975 as a volunteer at a camp for handicapped kids. In 1993 he received his Ph.D. in Child Clinical Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He first worked as a wilderness therapist in 1997, where he continued to witness the amazing healing power of Mother Nature. 


Known as a “Giant Teddy Bear” among his clients, Paul (6’5”) is able to build a high level of trust in a relatively short period of time with treatment resistant girls – who sense his genuine care and concern, balanced with his belief in their ability to face their “monsters” and heal. Dr. Goddard also facilitates Parent Workshops for Evoke families. His commitment to promoting healing throughout the family system is evident in all of his work.  Families are prepared to play an important and positive role in the journey of healing.


Paul stays young by riding his motorcycle and playing with his ever-energetic dogs - San’ka and Jessie.  He also loves to support his wife in her work as a Floral Designer and natural healing advocate (more great things from nature!). Exploring diverse cultures, playing the guitar, and “dancing” Tai Chi Chuan are cherished family activities. 

Paul enjoys visiting his in-laws in a remote village of Siberia. “Spending time in Russia reminds me that there are amazing people in every corner of the world. My mother-in-law works as a Pediatrician/Neurologist in a small village, and is always there to help a sick or injured child, even after a long day of work at the local clinic.”  Paul shows this same kind of compassion and dedication in his work with the young women the treats.