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Mayer Jeppson

Mayer Jeppson, Ph.D.

Therapist at Entrada

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Clients Mayer Works Well With:

Mayer is proficient in working with individuals who present with varying issues. Many of his clients have issues related to emerging adulthood (formerly referred to as failure to launch) often related to identity-development delays. Mayer’s clients typically have a combination of personal challenges which include disruptive behaviors (like ADHD), anxiety, bipolar, substance use or process addictions like internet/gaming, pornography, and other digital media addictions. Mayer also works well with clients who present with mild Autism Spectrum issues (previously identified as Asperger’s Disorder) and mild levels of general and substance-related psychoses. Additionally, Mayer is a life-long athlete and is able to draw on experiences and make a strong connection with most athletes.

Education & Prior Work Experience:

Mayer completed a Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of Utah and a Master’s of Science in Education in mental health counseling from the University of Miami, FL. He went on to complete his Ph.D. through the Brigham Young University Clinical Psychology program in August of 2008.

Mayer focused his clinical experience on at-risk adolescents and adults (addiction and forensic populations). He worked with various populations including (adolescents in the Juvenile-Addictions Receiving Facility at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL; adults housed at St. Elizabeths Hospital Post-Trial Forensic Mental Health Unit in DC; and adults housed in the forensic unit of the Utah State Prison). During this time Mayer refined his training in prolonged-exposure trauma recovery, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and the common factors model of therapy, to facilitate psychological growth and overall health promotion in his clients. Mayer has also conducted psychological assessments and individual and group therapy in hospitals, adolescent programs, and the corrections departments in Florida and Utah.


Mayer is able to quickly build rapport with clients in his group through compassion, a composed and strong presence based on knowing oneself and acceptance of oneself, and by providing insight and creativity. He brings synergy between individual behavioral/experiential interventions (such as hiking, bow-drill fire making, and metaphorical-ceremony development) and interpersonal/group interventions (such as client-oriented group therapy topics, creative utilization of the small-group-milieu dynamic for therapeutic interventions, and strength-based social development). Part of Mayer’s expertise is in helping his clients better attach themselves to the durable, secure, capable parts of themselves through verbal process, re-assessment of the past, artistic opportunities (sketch, paint, sing, play music, carve, etc.), metaphor interpretation, and recognition of resilience through difficulties.


Mayer loves the outdoors and in his spare time he enjoys activities with his wife and children. In addition to his passion for family, he enjoys hiking through and photographing the slot canyons of Southern Utah (called canyoneering), playing, coaching, and watching rugby union football, playing racquetball, snowboarding, and traveling.