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Mary Zaunbrecher

Mary Zaunbrecher, MS, LPC

Therapist at Cascades

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Clients Mary Works Well With:

Mary works well with adolescents and young adults experiencing issues related to substance use and dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders. Most of her clients arrive guarded and rebellious, tend to exhibit impulsivity, and experience issues with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, identity development, codependency, and trauma.

Mary believes that through fostering an environment of authenticity, transparency, and acceptance, deep and honest reflection may take place with an individual, and that together they may begin to explore meaningful alternatives to past patterns of thoughts and behaviors. She believes the experiential learning that wilderness therapy delivers has the power to motivate, remove distractions, and provide meaningful growth experiences. Working with clients through these experiences, she creates space to nurture each individual, that they may begin to experience self-empowerment, belonging, and insight, which serve to cultivate healthy identity, values, and communication skills for the future.

Education & Prior Work Experience:

Mary began her studies in the counseling field with the intention of helping others through the use of alternative and creative therapies, including art and play. During her graduate experience, she worked with diverse populations, utilizing a wide variety of therapeutic interventions, ranging from individual and family talk therapy in a residential treatment facility to group art therapy with individuals with developmental disabilities. After graduating, she worked at a residential program for individuals with chemical dependency, where her knowledge of the 12 Step model of recovery and therapeutic interventions for co-occurring disorders was strengthened. She continued to incorporate alternative therapies into her practice, utilizing art, recreation, and drama to foster healing, growth, healthy identity development, and communication skills with her clients. Mary received a Masters of Science in Counselor Education from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and her Bachelors of General Studies from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


Mary believes in creating space for deep reflection and meaningful growth through providing compassion and support while modeling authenticity and transparency. Her background in chemical dependency informs her straightforward approach to honesty, accountability, and action, while her creative nature provides alternative avenues for experiential learning, development, growth, and reinforcement of new skills. She believes in building and nurturing an environment of trust, support, and genuine concern, together with accountability and opportunities for new behaviors, so that individuals may experience significant and lasting change within themselves.


Mary was born and raised in the South, where her love for music, cooking, and water sports was cultivated. She enjoys being outside as much as possible, kayaking, exploring the back country (or swamp), and wake surfing. She also enjoys hunting and fishing with her brother and sisters, as well as gardening, which provide ingredients to fuel her passion for cooking, all of which she feels connect her in meaningful ways to people and the world around her. Mary practices yoga and meditation, and values the mind, body, and spirit connection these practices foster. She enjoys traveling and collecting knowledge and recipes from the various places she travels, and hopes to remain forever a student of the world.