Judith Sadora

Judith Sadora, MA, MFT-I, CADC-I

Therapist at Cascades

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Clients Judith Works Well With:

Judith has worked with those who struggle with trauma, depression, anxiety, racial identity, spirituality, substance abuse, attachment, suicide or self-harm, and process addictions (i.e video games, technology). Judith has the ability to find and help develop strengths that each individual and family possess. She then builds on these strengths to help families create new patterns of individual and relational success. She works to create change and build healthy perspectives and attachments in teens that strengthen family and parent/child relationships. Judith has experience identifying cultural differences and contextual factors in individuals and is passionate about providing counseling for multicultural and diverse populations in adolescents and families. Judith is a strong advocate of 12-step recovery and uses a combination of CBT, Trans-generational, Existential, and Narrative interventions.

Education & Prior Work Experience:

Judith was born and raised on the east coast in New Jersey and New York until she moved to Las Vegas, NV in 2009 where she completed her bachelors in Psychology and her master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. Judith is now a doctoral student of Marriage and Family Therapy at NorthCentral University with a primary focus on applied research in outdoor adventure therapy and diversity inclusion. Prior to joining the Evoke team, Judith has worked with adolescents as a Middle School Counselor and at a Residential Treatment Center in Nevada. Judith is a family therapist that has experience facilitating family & parenting workshops while also balancing a full caseload.


Judith strongly believes that each person’s purpose is to thrive in all three areas of life; emotionally, physically and spiritually. Judith’s hope is to help change and build healthy perspectives towards self, others and life’s challenges. Through existentialism, her passion is to help adolescents develop a sense of identity and autonomy through their spirituality while understanding the developmental barriers and cultural triggers pertaining to race and ethnicity that may impact them. Through experience and education, she is able to identify the desire for belonging in adolescents and help them identify their journey towards spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Her hope is to encourage those, through her work, to think for themselves and embark on a journey towards spiritual understanding and self-actualization by constructing their own narrative that promotes health. Judith’s passion for primarily working in an outdoor therapeutic environment is driven by her belief that nature provides opportunities that motivates individuals towards emotional, physical, and spiritual wholeness, especially with adolescents.


Judith lives with her husband in Redmond, Oregon and when she is not working, she enjoys outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, backpacking, and kayaking. Judith enjoys weightlifting and crossfit as a personal challenge and physical hobby. Judith and her husband also love being involved in their church community.