John Tobias

John Tobias, MS, CMHC

Therapist at Entrada

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Clients John Works Well With:

John works well with young adults who lack motivation and responsibility and struggle to meet their potential in social and academic settings. These clients often struggle with anxiety, depression, diminished senses of self-efficacy, and emotional dysregulation. John is EMDR trained and specializes in treating issues and struggles related to trauma. Many of John's clients come to him "stuck" in their trauma histories. John works with them to create a more flexible relationship with their past experience in order to begin to move powerfully in the world again. John integrates a strengths-based approach with components of the wilderness context to create dynamic and compelling therapeutic relationships with his clients.

Education and Prior Work Experience:

With over fifteen years in wilderness therapy and outdoor education, John’s therapeutic approach is deeply rooted in his experience as a teacher, mentor, and guide. John began his outdoor career in 1994 working as an instructor for the Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS). It was in the awe-inspiring red rock country of Southern Utah where he began to encounter the life-changing potential of time spent in the wilderness. While a lead instructor at BOSS, John enhanced his leadership and group-facilitation skills, responsible for facilitating a challenging and rewarding experience for all participants.

John began working at the Aspen Achievement Academy (AAA) in 1998 as a field instructor, where he built his reputation as one of the most dependable, dedicated and successful field instructors in the wilderness therapy industry. John continued to work at AAA through 2008. This extensive field time provided John with broad and personal insights into hundreds of adolescent and young adult clients that he continues to build upon and apply to his therapeutic approach. John believes a powerful wilderness therapy experience can become the foundation of lasting change in an individual’s life.

John has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Utah and a Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, UT. He is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. As part of his graduate education, John provided individual and group therapy to a diverse population in a community mental health setting. John has also worked as a Therapist at Evoke for Entrada since early 2014.


John utilizes the wilderness setting to promote new growth and change in clients. His wilderness experience is the framework from which he is able to incorporate the most effective elements of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Family Systems Therapy. John is able to foster each client’s unique strengths and capabilities by engaging in client-therapist relationships that are appropriately challenging, respectful and supportive.


When not working, John can be found hiking, climbing and exploring in the backcountry of the Mountain West. He enjoys pushing himself mentally and physically in a variety of realms. The study of personal development informs both his personal and professional lives.