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Ellyn Zografi

Ellyn Zografi, MS, LMFT

Therapist at Entrada

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Clients Ellyn Works Well With:

Ellyn works well with individuals struggling with symptoms of Depression and/or Anxiety often related to past trauma(s). These symptoms often coincide with relationship distress, addiction, co-dependence, low sense of self-worth, overall lack of motivation and other mental distress. Ellyn also works well with individuals who process the world a little differently than most.They can possess behavioral challenges stemming from ineffective communication, an inability to fully express feelings and distressed thought patterns. She utilizes compassionate and modified approaches in order to effectively work with clients with social and sensory sensitivities related to Autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Education and Prior Experience:

Upon finishing her graduate studies, Ellyn founded and ran a private psychotherapy practice serving families, couples and individuals with issues related to relationship distress, mood and anxiety disorders, ADHD, trauma, co-dependency, schizophrenia and other mental health challenges. Along with her private practice Ellyn co-founded and ran a State Certified Mental Health clinic supporting individuals with developmental disabilities and their caregivers.

Ellyn has experience using American Sign Language (ASL) in the therapy process with verbal and non-verbal individuals in order to promote emotional management through effective expression and connection between mind and body.

Ellyn became interested in Wilderness Therapy after going on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon for 15 days. This transformative experience showed Ellyn that time spent navigating the wilderness is a natural therapy, and led Ellyn to want to explore moving her clinical work to the out of doors.

Ellyn received her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology in 1991 from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Ellyn received a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Edgewood College, Madison, WI in 2013. In 2014, she received a Divorce and Family Mediation Certificate from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI.


Ellyn has strong skills in combining practical solution focused approaches with insight based therapies. Regardless of barriers or challenges, Ellyn adapts many therapy techniques in order to help every client feel heard, and able to fully explore the hard-to-see sources of emotional distress and related undesired behaviors. Upon her clients’ discovery, insight and understanding of these sources and their consequences, Ellyn is adept at employing a practical, realistic and measured approach to helping clients make wanted changes, and develop a plan for maintaining success over time.


Ellyn has spent most of her life in Wisconsin. She grew up in Madison as well as raising her son and daughter there. Ellyn spent 2 years studying and living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and learned to speak their language and enjoy the many wonders of Dutch culture like city bike riding, cheese and outdoor markets. Ellyn loves to travel to new places, write poetry and creative non-fiction, take hikes, and Nordic ski. Ellyn also is deeply interested in the subject of family and when she has more time, she would like to write about her experiences becoming and being an adoptive mother.