Chelsie Newkirk

Chelsie Newkirk

Clinical Assistant at Entrada

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Chelsie grew up in Southern Indiana and got her Bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies from Indiana University. During her undergrad, she worked as a behavior technician for adolescents and young adults with developmental disabilities. This population fueled her desire to continue on the path of supporting others to draw upon their strengths to overcome challenges and obstacles in their lives.

After a needed change of pace and a desire to escape the humidity, Chelsie did a semester-long program in an outdoor setting in the southwest where she developed a passion for nature. Chelsie realized that she naturally feels more at ease in nature and values the strong connections she has made with others without the “front country” distractions. Naturally, combining her two passions, she stumbled upon wilderness therapy.

Chelsie started as a field instructor at Evoke in 2012 and later became an assistant field director. Chelsie values building positive working relationships with students and has a strong ability to build rapport through empathy, as well as her ability to gently challenge.
Her desire to work one on one with students has led her to acquiring a Master’s in mental health counseling. As a Clinical Assistant at Entrada, Chelsie works primarily with Matt Hoag.

When she is not working she is outside as often as possible with her dog, Luna. Chelsie also enjoys climbing, hiking, and other various outdoor activities that are plentiful in Southwestern Utah. If she is not outside you can often find her nose in a book about trauma or neuroscience. She just cannot help herself.