The Evoke Team

Cassidy  Miller

Cassidy Miller, MA, MFT

Therapist at Cascades

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Clients Cassidy Works Well With:

Cassidy works well with clinically complex, intelligent, often guarded clients with clinical issues of depression, anxiety, self-medication, self-esteem deficits, and identity issues. Her style and calm demeanor lend well to working with clients who present with oppositionality, manipulation and fear driven resistance to therapeutic work.

Prior Work Experience:

Cassidy’s work in wilderness therapy began when she worked for 4 years at Entrada, now Evoke at Entrada, as a Field Instructor. Throughout her years completing undergraduate and graduate studies in Psychology she maintained a presence as a speaker and co-facilitator for parent support groups and workshops in both Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cassidy also brings with her knowledge and experience from treating mental illness and addiction-related issues in a wide variety of clinical settings. Her clinical experience includes case management in community-based mental health clinics for at-risk youth and families navigating the social services process, individual and family psychotherapy as a wilderness therapist and individual and group therapy as a therapist for young adult women with varied clinical presentations related to developmental and acute trauma.

Beyond direct clinical work, Cassidy has trained in the areas of program development and team building. She understands the value of collaborative treatment and engaged leadership among treatment teams. She invests in the development of the staff working with her clients so as to meaningfully guide each part of the therapeutic process.


Cassidy’s relational strengths are in the areas of rapport building, attunement, transparency and a natural calm demeanor. The various roles she has fulfilled afford her a unique perspective and ability to engage clients with genuine belief in the wilderness therapy process. This confidence is translated as safety and trustworthiness in her therapeutic relationships.


Cassidy's background in family systems and existential therapy informs her deep curiosity and attunement for the role of attachment and trauma in human development and the process of healing. Cassidy often incorporates alternative practices in therapy such as yoga, systematic breathing, meditative practice and creative expression with the understanding that through these efforts her clients have the opportunity to know, heal and develop their whole selves. As a passionate student of life and people, Cassidy is in constant pursuit of education and knowledge in critical areas of psychology such as research in the areas of neuroscience, neurofeedback, body-based therapies for trauma and interpersonal neurobiology.