The Evoke Team

Brand Bonsall

Brand Bonsall, MA

Therapist at Entrada

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Clients Brand Works Well With:

Brand works well with adolescents and young adults who are manipulative, oppositional, often intelligent and sensitive, and who struggle with identity and self-concept. He also works well with clients who are struggling with depression and anxiety who frequently mask that struggle with substance use and abuse. Brand has studied and worked with clients who self-harm and is grateful to help these clients find less harmful ways of coping. Brand’s personal experience as a manipulative, oppositional, and sensitive teen and young adult struggling with self-concept allows him to relate well with this population. Brand’s joy in playing as hard as he works is another relatable attribute that this client population often begins to identify with and realize is possible and healthy.

Education and Prior Work Experience:

Brand graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Nebraska Kearney and set out on his path in business. He worked in a variety of sales and sales management positions for over 10 years. Brand then made the choice to make a mid-life career change and began graduate school at The University of Northern Arizona where he graduated with his master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Brand’s experience in sales has honed his ability to connect with and learn from people from all aspects of life. He considers this one of his strengths and he finds joy in discovering new people, new stories, and new adventures. Brand discovered Evoke during the first year of his graduate studies, and worked as field staff for two years. He is a huge proponent of therapy in the wilderness and feels a connection with the wilderness, the employees of Evoke, the mission of Evoke, and the clients at Evoke. He considers the opportunity to work as a therapist at Evoke his dream job.


Brand believes that all people have strengths and resources and at challenging times in life those strengths and resources can be forgotten or difficult to access. One of Brand’s strengths is helping others to recall and then utilize those strengths and resources towards their current struggle. Brand further believes in the importance of identifying ones personal values. He works with clients to identify values or re-examine current or past values and apply those to daily living. As a wilderness staff member at Evoke with minimal wilderness backpacking experience Brand found significance in learning fully the lessons that the wilderness provides. He does well to share this experience with clients and can identify with clients who struggle in the wilderness environment. He loves seeing this uncomfortable client become closer to the wilderness and grow and learn through this struggle. Brand has a strong personal practice in mindfulness and meditation and finds joy in working with clients to access mindfulness and presence in their lives.


When not working Brand can be found exploring the Southwest on his feet, his bike, and his snowboard. He spends most mornings walking with his wife and two dogs and doing yoga and meditation. He is constantly on the lookout for camping locations and loves adventures with friends and family. When he does leave the Southwest it is to visit family in the Midwest. He is an avid Nebraska Cornhusker football fan and Kansas City Royals baseball fan. He is a live-music fan of all sorts and you can find him dancing at concerts near and far.