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Birgit Show

Birgit Show, M.Ed., BBS

Clinical Assistant at Cascades

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Birgit is originally from Southern Germany (Bavaria). Birgit received her Bachelors degree in business administration (IHK Munich) and was one of 20 trainees selected from 6000 applicants for the BMW business administration trainee program. After 3 years, she decided to leave a lucrative career with BMW and made the decision to switch fields from business to education. Following a dream and calling to invest into people rather than products, she earned her Masters of Education from the University of Augsburg.

Birgit has worked with young adults and families in therapeutic environments for over 14 years. She has operated in a psychiatric clinic for youth, transitional youth shelters, as a field instructor for Second Nature, now Evoke, as an educational specialist for a therapeutic program in Germany and as the director of a youth center before starting her current position at Evoke at Cascades. Birgit has been with Cascades in varying capacities since 2007.

As a result of living and working in Germany, Canada and the U.S., as well as having traveled extensively to countries in Asia and Africa, she has a deep respect for opportunities within cultural diversity and speaks several languages.

Birgit’s goal is to provide a safe, respectful, and supportive environment where young adults can begin the process of healing and change without judgment. She is passionate about building resilience by fully understanding a young person’s strengths and needs. She strives to develop a collaborative relationship with her clients and to provide hope, healing, and empowerment through education, resources, and insight.

Birgit lives in Bend, Oregon with her daughter Franka, and husband Brad, who also works as a Field Instructor and recovery mentor. In her spare time, Birgit loves to be active and enjoys swimming, mountain biking, horseback riding and anything that entails going fast. She wished BMW would engineer a special M-Power race pickup truck, that allows fast movement on those painfully slow and bumpy roads of the Cascades field area.