Anthony  Salerno

Anthony Salerno

Clinical Assistant at Entrada

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From a young age, Anthony was able to experience the power of nature first hand. Growing up with the New Jersey Pine Barrens as a backyard, Anthony spent time hiking, camping, swimming, and canoeing with his family and with a local Boy Scout Troop. He worked towards becoming an Eagle Scout in 2007. When not exploring the outdoors, Anthony devoted much of his free time to wrestling and went on to compete for Princeton University at the collegiate level. Anthony graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture in 2012.

While at Princeton, Anthony enjoyed working for the university's Outdoor Action program, a freshman orientation and leadership program. Before graduating, Anthony had trained over 70 student leaders, led 17 Outdoor Action trips, and was a Trip Coordinator for 3 summers. The Outdoor Action program ignited Anthony's passion for applying wilderness experiences as instruments for change and growth, a passion he would later bring to Evoke.

He began working at Entrada as an instructor and quickly became one of the company's strongest field staff. His time spent leading both the young adult and adolescent groups at Entrada provided him with a holistic experience that he used to support both participants and fellow instructors. Anthony believes that being able to recognize what is inside and outside of one's control, especially in unpredictable situations, is one of the most vital components of self-efficacy and one that nature teaches best.

In the summer of 2014 he was honored with the Jumping Mouse Award at the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council's Wilderness Therapy Symposium for his outstanding performance in the field. At the 2015 symposium, he organized and moderated a panel discussing the experiences of being a senior field instructor.

When he is out of the field Anthony enjoys canyoneering in Zion National Park, helping to coach high school wrestling, volunteering with a local Boy Scout troop, preparing both “back-country” and “front-country” meals with his friends, and adding to his collection of orange colored anything. He has deep pride in his alma mater and hasn't missed a Princeton reunion since his graduation. He hopes that by his 5th reunion everything that he packs in his suitcase will be some combination of orange, black, and tiger striped.