Teen Sample Schedule

At Evoke’s Wilderness Therapy Programs your child’s experience will be guided through a process of discovery and transformation. Their personalized treatment team will consist of their Therapist, Field Instructors, Medical Coordinator, Field Support Staff, Health & Wellness Coordinator, and their peer group. This comprehensive support team will guide your child through their therapeutic process of daily activities. While the daily schedule is flexible and easily adaptable to the needs of the group or demands of the wilderness, there are basic activities your child will experience throughout a given day.

Morning & Afternoon Activities

  • Before the day begins we make sure all students receive at least 8-hours of sleep, consistent with our whole-health treatment.
  • Once woken up, group members participate in morning meditation, yoga, or other exercises to help stimulate their physical and mental capacities.
  • Students then prepare and eat breakfast as a group.
  • After breakfast students then packing up their personal gear, clean up camp and participate in a therapy group.
  • Students are also given personal time (P-Time) during the morning to work on therapy assignments, write letters home, and work on academic work and other goals.
  • After P-Time, camp is re-naturalized and the group begins their hike, backpacking through beautiful wilderness settings.

Afternoon & Evening Activities

  • While on their hike the group breaks for lunch, and sometimes have another formal or informal group. Frequently issues come up during a hike and our Field Instructors take advantage of these moments to teach or process with the individual involved and the group as a whole.
  • Upon arrival at camp, the students set up their individual as well as communal camp areas. Camps are primitive, pristine areas frequently being camped in for the first time by Evoke.
  • Each student is assigned a group chore, tracked, and managed by one of the students.
  • After camp setup, the group engages in “Mandatory Fun Time,” or MFT, participating in active group games.
  • Time for hard skills and P-Time is given to the students as they continue engaging in their therapeutic experience.
  • Students then prepare and cook dinner together as a group over the open fire.
  • A therapeutic group follows as the group begins to close out their day.
  • Depending on how late a group ends the students may immediately retire, or they may spend the remainder of the evening learning about the stars, listening to a Field Instructor read a Therapist approved book, or simply sit around enjoying the campfire.