The Power of Online Intensives

Posted by Travis Slagle on July 15, 2020

Travis SlagleLike it or not, the world of human services is going online, and the need for a transformative experience with a highly skilled therapist that is accessible in the comfort and safety of the home has never been more apparent.

With more than 300 podcasts and webinars and almost 100 clients served since March through Online Intensives, Evoke Therapy Programs is revolutionizing the way that immersive therapy can be done online. Using a condensed multi-day therapeutic experience as a catalyst for connection and personal insight, Evoke Intensives offer a clinical modality deeply rooted in Attachment Theory and family systems.

As parents, adolescents, and young adults confront the challenges of COVID and the grief for the life that once was, there is an increasing need to look inward at the stories of childhood and the internal landscape where the emotional experiences of the past are inherently connected to the current reactions of today. Evoke Intensives provide an invitation for anyone seeking new meaning and understanding in their life and relationships.

For parents struggling to do their own work and engage in a parallel process with a child in treatment, or for couples and families seeking to make a radical shift to personally grow and heal, the experiences at Evoke Intensives can help you rediscover the internal compass needed to guide you through challenging times. If you find yourself stuck repeating old patterns in relationships that can feel like a broken record, Intensives provide the potential for reawakening the wisdom of the heart with a proven track record of surpassing expectations for even the most skeptical client.

With the realities of the current pandemic and ongoing mental health crisis, there is a critical need for creative solutions that eliminate risky travels and overwhelming time commitments. The diverse team at Evoke Intensives is answering the call to think outside of the box, and open the door to a paradigm shift in online therapy. Going beyond the limitation of traditional telehealth, online Intensives offer a multisystemic attachment-based therapy that can be accessed in the comfort and safety of your home. The therapeutic options at Evoke Intensives include the flagship program Finding You for individuals, Finding Connection for couples, and Finding Family for families, all of which are available in-person or online.

Many people ask, “Can an online Intensive really provide participants with a transformative experience?” The resounding answer is, “Yes!” Online Intensives offer depth, clarity, and empowerment with the added convenience of eliminating the need to travel. Online Intensive participants are one Zoom link away from a life-changing opportunity to uncover hidden truths and unspoken needs, and unlock greater capacity for resilience and compassion. At Intensives, rather than telling your story, we ask that you show us your story, and in this process we offer a therapeutic approach designed to activate deeper neural networks, which hold the memories and emotions of childhood and the unrealized potential for personal transformation. For those looking to dive deep, these offerings are poised to revolutionize the field of depth-oriented telehealth support and offer hope for individuals and families facing unprecedented challenges and life transitions.


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