Evoke Therapy Programs - The New Name of Second Nature Entrada & Cascades

Posted by Rick Heizer, Executive Director on March 19, 2015

Rick Heizer 17In September of 2014 the owners of Second Nature decided to reorganize our programs into two companies, Second Nature Entrada & Cascades and Second Nature Uintas & Blue Ridge. We have always believed one of our greatest assets was our ability to adapt and we felt the best way to support our programs was to restructure.

We have had some time for reflection and with some sadness close this chapter. So many people have poured their hearts into their respective companies and we will forever be grateful. Nevertheless, we felt it necessary to set our old name aside and take on a new name to clearly communicate who we are as we move forward. 

Evoke Therapy Programs is that next chapter for Second Nature Entrada & Cascades.

Why Evoke?

Evoke means we provide an experience that brings out each participant’s inherent wisdom. Evoke means to bring a memory or feeling into the mind, to draw it out from within. We wanted to focus on the wisdom and insight hidden inside each client. We chose Evoke as our new name to remind us that all the answers necessary for participants to find their true self is within them. This philosophy is based on a deep respect for our clients; our expertise is not in providing clients with advice, but rather in creating an experience where they discover an enduring source of truth—themselves.

We felt passionate about making this more than just a name change. We will continue to provide the highest level of clinical care and support, with our unmatched research efforts, and our comprehensive family support. Evoke Therapy programs will also provide a greater focus on the whole-health of our clients and families, including new programming for participants and families.

Our Founding Principles:

  • Providing the best possible treatment for each client’s whole-health with comprehensive family support

Whole-health treatment includes a client’s emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.  Supporting the mind, body, and spirit connection is essential for long-term sustainable growth and transformation. Clinical research shows that diet, nutrition, exercise and spiritual connection enhances and maintains positive psychological changes, elevates moods and increases confidence. Our family support includes an interactive Parent Portal for parents who have children in our wilderness therapy programs, weekly webinars, parent support groups, parent workshops, alumni mentors, and parent and family intensives. Visit our philosophy and our programs to learn more.

  •  Continually being a transformative program and company

This is a two-fold principle for us. First, we are committed to evoking change in our participants to become a healthier and stronger self. Secondly, as a company we are dedicated to continually innovate and grow to meet the changing needs of our participants and employees. We will continue to evolve, discover new approaches and seek to find more effective ways for participants and their families to experience long-term change. 

Evoke Therapy Programs is also a transformative company through our commitment to organizational health. This includes supporting employee health by providing them with opportunities for personal and professional growth and by contributing to our local and larger communities. We are a green company, printing most of our marketing material on 100% recycled material produced by wind power, we purchase local foods whenever available, and support socially conscious companies like our gear partner Sherpa Adventure Gear.

  •  Using our inherent connection to the outdoors to facilitate lasting change.

We believe our connection to the outdoors is necessary to be an effective program. Evoke Therapy Programs uses the wilderness environment to remove everyday life distractions and emphasize the individual’s strengths and potential.

Evoke Therapy Programs is not just a new name for us. We see it as an opportunity to evoke the potential change in our participants, owners and employees: to continually challenge ourselves, seek new and innovative approaches, and support a healthy community from within and throughout. We will continue to ask ourselves tough questions and explore new horizons in our passion to bring healing and health to our clients and our employees. What makes Evoke different is not only that we have the most extensive programming in the wilderness therapy field, but that we will continue to evolve as we are presented with new challenges and ideas.

Although we are a smaller company than we were, our excitement to make a difference in the world has never been stronger. As Margaret Mead once urged, 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” 


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