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Amanda Redwine

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Finding Me

Posted by Amanda Redwine on March 03, 2021 | 0 comment(s)

4554E316 1A76 431E A3ED 712CFAADD9B0 1 201 aThe night before I started Online Finding You, an Evoke Therapy Intensive, I hardly slept. I deeply feared being vulnerable with a group of strangers and possibly facing their rejection. I worried they would think something was wrong with me or with my feelings about what happened to me. What I learned there is that each member of the group is doing the same growing alongside you over the three days. Nobody is in your row, but you're all in the same garden. Ultimately, I might not have had the exact experience as another participant, but I sure could relate to the emotions they felt. And that’s what made it feel so safe for all of us.

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