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Jordan Kling

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Mindfulness and the Ongoing Journey to Refocus the Wandering Mind

Posted by Jordan Kling on June 16, 2021 | 0 comment(s)

Jordan KlingIn session, when I introduce the concept of mindfulness to a student, I usually get a skeptical stare that says, “I’ve been waiting for hours for another student to pack up so that we can finally go on this hike. I’m angry at my mom for the last letter she sent. I spent all day yesterday trying to make fire from sticks and stones to no avail. I can’t talk to my friends right now. I’m the only one who can complete my chores on time. All I want to do is scream at the group, and you’re asking me to pause and be mindful?!” And my response is always: Yes—try it out and see what you notice.

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