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On Ritual: The Power of Intentionality in Routine

Posted by Devin Frechette on April 21, 2021 | 0 comment(s)

D16AA59D B03E 41CC B2D8 1F6FCD6C7DB9 1 201 aThis past week, I took a vacation to the Sierras to camp and hike with a friend (yes, I spend my free time outside, too!). My hope was to get some time to unwind and unplug, and I was particularly excited to get some good, quality sleep. I spent five years as a Field Instructor at Entrada, and most nights in the field with the groups, I fell asleep promptly, slept deeply, and woke rested. I always attributed this to simply sleeping outside, away from phones and screens and all the typical nightly distractions.

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