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Malia Boyd

What September 11th Taught Me About Grief

Posted by Malia Boyd on September 08, 2021 | 10 comment(s)

A29B0367 AA1C 42AD 8E70 20241367DB63 1 201 aTwenty years ago, my best friend Heather went to work at Windows on the World to bake, and roll, and mix, and serve creations from her delicious heart. It was her calling. From the age of four she used to thumb through Gourmet magazine and beg her mom to help her make anything that caught her eye. If there was anyone who was born to cook and delight thousands in the process, it was Heather. We met in junior high. In high school we became best friends. We were at each other’s sides for weddings and funerals, for proms and pregnancy, for better and for worse.

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That Time I Sent my Kid to Treatment and Expected her to Change our Family System

Posted by Malia Boyd on September 09, 2020 | 1 comment(s)

A29B0367 AA1C 42AD 8E70 20241367DB63 1 201 aYears ago, my child had begun to walk—well, let’s be honest here—run down a path that felt destined to lead to terrible things. She was barely a teen and already experimenting with drinking and substances, showing formidable defiance, beginning to fail out of school, and running a very unpleasant show in two households. Like so many who get pulled into the whirlpool of parenting an out-of-control child, my ex-husband and I were terrified and completely out of our depth.

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