Field Staff Medical Training

Posted by Lindsey Bosse, Assistant Field Director at Cascades on February 20, 2018

Field staff at Evoke are required to attend and complete several different types of trainings throughout their career in the field. Initial medical training includes First Aid and CPR training, which is required of all staff members working in the field. As staff work toward their development as a Senior, they are required to get their Wilderness First Responder training, which requires attending an off-site 10-day training from a medically accredited company. This particular training equips field staff with the ability to respond to a majority of wilderness related injuries and illnesses in a wilderness setting. In the rare case that an injury or illness happens that requires more intense medical attention, our staff are also trained to prep and evacuate clients in collaboration with other medical professionals.

Recently, we completed an on-site training with local life flight company, EMT and Search and Rescue personnel in our field area. During the training, AirLink, the life flight company, flew one of their medical helicopters to an area of our field. During the flight, Search and Rescue taught us how to appropriately locate and prepare a landing zone. We discussed proper communication to 9-1-1 and AirLink staff to ensure that they were getting to us efficiently, and were prepared for the patient they were coming to pick up.

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Once we had found a flat and open area with enough space for landing, we all stood back and watched as the helicopter landed. Once the blades stopped whirring, the pilot and EMTs emerged from the aircraft and we began stage two of our training. The EMT’s discussed ways in which we could prep the patient for travel, using the gear and medical supplies we already carry with us. Many of our staff with WFR certifications were able to discuss appropriate documentation of vitals and symptoms, and how best to pass that off to the medical transport. After discussing the details, they picked a staff volunteer who was wrapped up in medical blankets, secured on a stretcher, and placed into the back of the helicopter. After further questions and answers from our visiting trainers and our staff teams, we cleared the landing area again so that the helicopter could take off.

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In addition to the required trainings our staff complete to ensure safety and risk management in the field, we are grateful for the collaboration with medical professionals in our community that also help us keep our clients and staff safe in the wilderness. Our staff’s continued passion and participation in growing professionally is one of the greatest assets we have at Evoke.


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