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Posted by Lindsey Bosse, Assistant Field Director at Cascades on December 07, 2017

In my last year of college, I began feeling the pressure to know what my next steps would be after I donned my cap and gown and left academia. I spent equal time scouring the internet for positions as I did formatting my bibliography for my thesis. When I found Evoke, I was beyond excited to have found this miraculous company that blended my interest in psychology with my wilderness skills. One of the most valuable things I learned in my process of applying to Evoke was the power of effective communication and patience. I applied to Evoke in January of 2013, and was not contacted about an interview until sometime in late March, for the orientation that was scheduled in June. I joined the team as a field instructor in early July of the same year, and haven’t left. As the Assistant Field Director at our Cascades branch, I now have the pleasure of recruiting field staff. Having been an eager applicant myself, I thought it would be important to share the process of recruiting for all of you as you embark on the journey of applying to be a part of Evoke.

The Online Application

The online application is specific to our company. It is on the application that applicants provide contact information, what branches they are eager to apply to, and begin introducing previous work history and relevant experience. Once the application is completed and submitted, we at Evoke receive a notification that an online application has been filled out. We do not receive more information than that, and therefore we usually wait until we receive the follow up email from applicants to respond.

The Follow Up Email

After submitting your online application, a second email is required from the applicant with the additional application materials: three letters of recommendation, CPR/First Aid certification and a resume. It’s important to note that applications will not be considered until all the application materials have been submitted. We know that you might not have all of your materials ready at the time of the application, and we encourage you to wait to submit your application materials until you’ve gathered them all in their entirety. It is helpful to send these items as a PDF, that is labeled with your name and the document name (i.e. Lindsey Bosse.Resume.pdf)

Response Times

As a recruiter, communication is remarkably important. It’s common to get a plethora of emails in a short period of time. Our job, beyond recruiting, often has us in the field or traveling. What this means for those applying, is that our response times to emails can be delayed for a day to a week, depending on the needs of the field at that time. We appreciate your patience during this time, and know that we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

What We Are Looking For

When looking for a qualified applicant, some of the first things I look for are:
• A complete application
• All supplemental material turned in in a timely manner
• Communication from the applicant regarding their application
• An understanding of the program and application process as described on the website, clearly demonstrated throughout the application materials

When reviewing the application, there are a myriad of skills and experiences that we consider for the position of field instructor. Experience in the outdoors is highly recommended. Similarly, experience in mental health or treatment is recommended. Applicants that have been on their own journey in recovery or mental health are also encouraged to apply. Skills and experience in medical response or risk management are excellent. Experience leading people or teaching people are also preferred. But there is no end to the types of experiences that could make you a qualified field instructor. At the end of the day we look for people that are capable of managing themselves in the wilderness, willing and able to learn and respond to feedback, have a passion for working with people, and a tolerance for ambiguity and discomfort.

Interviews & Orientations

Both Entrada and Cascades plan orientations periodically throughout the year. Orientation dates are generally found on the website, with exceptions during planning periods. Branches can hold three to six orientations in a year, with an invite list of three to ten potential staff. Recruiters schedule phone interviews year-round, looking to fill the spots in the next orientation. We encourage applicants to apply as soon as they are able to. Please note that you might apply and interview months before you actually attend orientation. Orientation spots are limited, and it’s important to us to fill those spots intentionally.


Thank you for sharing this! It's great to see how the whole process works within Evoke and gives me a greater understanding of the value Evoke has for those they would like to hire. Thank you!

Posted by James Ryan Smith

This is very helpful! The process sounds like it will be a good opportunity to practice patience.

Posted by Wil Wynne

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