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Posted by Jordan Machtelinckx on July 09, 2020

Jordan Machtelinckx 148Evoke wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t founded on symbiotic relationships at every level. Students and field instructors live together and support each other every week in the wilderness. Parents, students, and therapists work together constantly to achieve therapeutic outcomes. And our Cascades and Entrada offices partner with local companies and organizations as much as possible to help everyone in the community thrive. My career-development experience has been no exception.

I started as a field instructor in 2016 and worked my way up the ladder, eventually finishing as a senior instructor and mentor after two years. I moved on to an opportunity to support the company’s operations for a year, and when my career goals evolved into backcountry prehospital medical care, Evoke was ready to foster my development and present yet another mutually beneficial opportunity.

Evoke supported me through Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) school and I became the Medical Coordinator at Cascades. I now am responsible for the supervision and management of all medical inquiries, emergencies, and education at our branch. I am surrounded by a team of MD’s, a nurse, and a fellow Wilderness EMT spanning from our local Bend community to our sister branch in St. George, Utah. I know that as long as I bring enthusiasm to my budding medical career, my team will match it and will be there to support me when I need it.

As part of my duties, I get to visit with the students and staff in the field area to ensure everyone’s health and safety during monthly physicals. I get to learn to provide better patient care and be a positive, supportive figure to the students in the field. I get to teach the wilderness medicine skills I love to our staff, and I have a schedule that allows me the flexibility to train and respond with the local Search and Rescue unit when emergencies happen in our community. My career goals include more rescue work, backcountry guiding, and expedition medicine, and thanks to my relationship with Evoke, not a week goes by that I don’t feel I’ve made more progress toward that end.

There is little more fulfilling to me than the ability to serve and to learn simultaneously--and Evoke has been a dynamic organization allowing me to do just that. Rather than feeling stuck in a job, Evoke has met my need for constant learning, career-development, and challenges to constantly evaluate and plan for my future, while also providing the fulfillment of serving our students, their families, and our local community.

I am the type who becomes restless and lost if he does not continue to learn, and in this regard Evoke has always met that need. Because the company understands the value of symbiotic relationships, I am able to build toward my long-term career fulfillment while continuing to support the health, safety, and well-being of the students and staff at Evoke Cascades.


Thanks for sharing this Jordan and thanks for being a part of the team. Your support in and out of the field is essential and I so appreciate all you do, thank you!

Posted by Rick Heizer

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