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Let’s Have a Hard Conversation about Wilderness

Posted by Cori Wright on November 29, 2023 | 2 comment(s)

35592EC2 8822 44A6 87A3 0721D0D703DAI would like to start with this disclaimer: I am a believer in academics and research – someone who wants to see the proof in the pudding. Today, I’m writing this from the perspective of a mother and a therapist who has seen a lot, where my personal experience and emotion can also enter in the equation. I hope to use this is as an opportunity where you might read things that you wouldn’t in the research - because it’s candid, human, and from the heart.

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The Importance of Regulating the Nervous System

Posted by Cori Wright on July 27, 2022 | 0 comment(s)

Cori Wright 297If you have found yourself in a perpetual cycle of arguments and misunderstandings with others, or your family, this blog may be for you. I know how hopeless it can feel. “This argument? Again?....” or, “Aren’t they over that yet?” I imagine you might be reading this because that feeling of hopelessness was so great you had to send your kid to wilderness therapy. I will never forget a moment in a group I was running as an intern with a group of adjudicated boys eight years ago. They were all so angry… non-compliant, rallying against me. I felt helpless. My supervisor happened to walk in during the near-mutiny, looked around for a second, and just yelled, “We need regulation!” She sent us out of the room and made us do a running game outside. Within ten minutes, it was like it had never happened.

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