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Wilderness Therapy for Young Adults

Wilderness Therapy

Evoke’s wilderness therapy programs for Young Adults takes our proven treatment model of whole-health and applies it to primitive living in the wilderness, free of distractions, and rich with metaphor. This empowering experience provides the young adult client with an intervention, assessment and stability necessary to achieve and maintain a happier, healthier life. This experience consists of backpacking and primitive living skills, coupled with personalized clinical treatment and individualized and group therapy. This program is for young adults ages 18-28+ who feel stuck, lost, unmotivated, overwhelmed or need help finding their inner empowerment. Our experienced clinical team is successful at working with a variety of issues, from mental health diagnoses, developmental issues and learning disabilities. For a list of issues our wilderness therapy program works well with visit Is Evoke Right for Me? Please contact one of our admissions counselors to find out how Evoke’s wilderness program can help you.

Wilderness Therapy provides a variety of things to help you accomplish…

  • A change of scene and escape from current distractions or negative influences or routines.
  • An emotionally safe environment for you to clear your head and reflect.
  • A physical environment of peace and beauty with opportunities of healthy challenge and growth.
  • Opportunities to learn healthy coping, communication, leadership, and outdoor survival skills.
  • Opportunities to learn more about who you are and the tools to become who you want to be.

Evoke Wilderness Therapy Programs take place at two locations, Cascades and Entrada. Your experience at either location will be guided by your personalized treatment plan. Your treatment plan will included the following:

  • Assessment, objectives and goal setting created between you and your Therapist
  • Personalized assignments addressing your whole-health; your emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual self.
  • One-on-one support from your treatment team, which includes your Therapist, Field Instructors, Medical Coordinator, Health & Wellness Coordinator, your peer group and our Psychiatrist and Psychologist who are available for additional support.
  • A discharge plan to take with you after leaving Evoke so you can maintain and continue your accomplishments and continue to apply them to living a happy, healthy life.


Evoke’s wilderness therapy programs for young adults provides high school credit, when necessary, through our unique customized and accredited curriculum through AdvanceEd.

For more information, please contact one of our Admissions Counselors at 866.411.6600.